Tuesday, June 14, 2011

weibo 5/14 Steven scales The Great Wall

 6/14 17:29 Play nostalgia!  Fine! Then let me upload and share a photo of me standing guard on The Great Wall ba!  Heehee!   玩懷舊!好!那我就送上一張當年在長城站崗的照片和大家分享分享吧!嘻嘻!

The picture looks like a page off an old China communist magazine. Fans asked when the photo was taken.  It is a 'sister' picture to the one below that had for many years puzzled us fans of its origin.  Finally Tsuiyy and Steven unraveled the mystery. 

蓉蓉細語 tsuiyy  Pix taken on 1999 Oct 26. Reminiscing thus, feel the preciousness of friendship even more. 

steven @蓉蓉細語: That year my birthday wish was: If never visited The Great Wall then one is not a good Han man". On my birthday, for the first time, climbed The Great Wall.  Feeling nostalgic nei! Little piggies now you all know! (when pix was taken) 我當年的生日願望"不到長城非好漢", 在生日當天第一次爬長城! 懷念呢! 小猪們到知道了!

TN: I myself have visited and climbed The Great Wall, step by step.  That surreal feeling of standing in such a historical monument was just amazing.  I looked out into the horizon over the serpentine walls and imagined out there down the valleys up the mountain raced hordes of barbarians attacking the walls, and saw in my mind that lone figure of a horse rider urgently galloping with a message that can save or destroy a nation.  The invasive ambiance of the wall was absolute, powerful and overwhelming to China history buff like myself.  I was entranced by this longest graveyard in the world...that very  thought sent a shiver down my spine. The day of my visit was blessed with clear blue sky so I could see miles and miles from vantage point into a horizon that ws as vast as my own imagination.   Visiting The Great Wall had been a dream come true for me. 

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