Monday, June 13, 2011

weibo 6/13 new series

6/13 19:43  Late July, will start shooting  Miu Siu Ching jie's new series, very happy!  Counting on fingers, the last Siu Ching Jie's series has been the 5 years ago Brink of Law.  Earlier chatted with Siu Ching Jie, she said she will create a very different and innovative character for me, and what's more, I'll be an avid ......badminton player!  Wah, help! If so, be strange if I didn't become insane! (tn: with excitement)  I'll do my best to perform, thank you Siu Ching jie!

七月底將會開拍由@梅小青LV 小青姐監製的新劇,太開心了!數數手指,上一次拍小青姐的戲已是五年前的突圍行動了。早前和小青姐聊天,她說要為我設計一個很特別和創新的人物角色,而戲中的我更是一個....熱愛打羽毛球的人!嘩,救命啊!如此這樣,我不瘋掉才怪!我勢必盡全力去演,謝謝小青姐!

TN: Don't want to be a wet blanket, but I couldn't help but say this:  I hope Steven wouldn't be disappointed!  There is so much goodness in him but not everybody is that way.  (I'm not implicating anybody just that I've no expectations on TVB to treat Steven well, and have all kinds of reservation against them.)  But Steven is happy so that's good.  Good luck to him!


  1. you seem get angry and disappointed on TVB.but i still hope that TVB will recorgnize his efforts and talents more and give him a resever award.

  2. No emotions, anger or disappointment, just no more expectation, that's all. So give or not, won't get riled up anymore like last year when there was expectations.