Wednesday, June 15, 2011

weibo 6/16 congratulations to RC for his baby girl.

6/16 10:26 Congratulations! Brother!  A good word, that "好" !* Hou ye, I've another student lah!  恭喜哂兄弟!好一個"好"字!好嘢,我又多個學生啦!

Congratulations to Raymond Cho for his newborn girl, Erin, who came into our world in a rush.  She was born within an hour ride from home to the hospital.  Weight 6lb 11 oz, length unknown.   

"好" denotes good -- the blending of "女"(daughter) + "子"(son)  = 好(good etc) So with this baby girl, RC is now the proud father of a pair of son and daughter.

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