Monday, June 20, 2011

weibo 6/20 encouraging words

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6/20  00:10   Actually, as a person happy or unhappy still needs to live! Who doesn't have worries, no hardships?  Prone to grievances and resentments will only create hardship for self. Maybe some people would say: easier said than done.  True, action is undoubtedly difficult! But since already in pain, action, how difficult can it be?  Friends, don't over think.  Don't immerse in misery, don't sink into sorrow, don't wallow in self-pity! Wake up, gather up your courage, lift up your head puff out your chest, continue to walk!  Add oil!

其实做人开心不开心,总得要活下去!谁人没苦恼、没困难?动辄就怨气满腹,只会苦了自己。或许有人会说:说易行难。对啊,行是难啊!但既已在痛苦中,行, 又何难之有?朋友,别想太多了。别再沉迷在困苦、沉溺在悲伤、沉醉在自怜中了!醒来吧,鼓起勇气,抬头挺胸继续走!加油!

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