Wednesday, June 22, 2011

weibo 6/21 Operation FTITC

6/21  13:44Operation name: Frightening Thunder in the Forbidden City
Commander: Leung Choi Yuen
Date & time: 2011/7/25, 8:30 pm
Place: TVB Jade Channel and HD Jade Channel
Team song: Changing Sky
Duration: 26.5 episodes (sic: 26 episodes)
Mission objective: Eliminate moles, resist outside enemies, bring order out of chaos

*Commander Leung, please rest assure, Dou Bo, dressed in all black, is absolutely stealthily invisible! But please provide the list of moles! 


@材叔 18:02Everybody, please pay attention to the weather, when there is a thunderstorm remember to bring along an umbrella or wear raincoat.  Young children, don't be scared when lightening and thunder intermingled, only the bad people need to be scared.  If you are good, what's there to be scared of?

steven 6/21 18:31  : That's right, Uncle Choi!  Only the bad people will be scared of frightening thunder, So..that's (ji)..why (kam)..scared of (gen)..thunder (lui).... is this the answer to the riddle?

劉家豪GH 18:43  A masterful skill of roundabout propaganda, admirable, admirable

steven 18:45 I instantly burst out in laughter at seeing it, Ka Hou gor!!

材叔 18:46: Thank you for your attention, don't get to show support when time comes. The Dai Lo Yeh of  Leung Choi Yun (Leung Choi County)** aka Ka Hou Gor Returns to the 3 Kingdoms, good show!  

劉家豪GH 18:52 @steven: Can see you and Uncle Choi have heart, support Thunder.   (as in promoting Thunder (?))
steven 18:55 @劉家豪 GH 18:55: Than you, Ga Hou gor for your support and encouragement!

 TN: Can't count on TVB to promote their series so Steven and Uncle Choi took it upon themselves to do the promotion.  TVB truly very bad to unfavored producers and actors and actresses.

* WORD PLAY: 只(ji)~咁(kam)~驚(geng)~雷(lui)~.
literal meaning = that's why scared of frightening thunder     
transliteration = "ji kam geng lui" sounds like 紫禁驚雷 title of series "Frightening Thunder of Forbidden City"

**Leung Choi County => word play as in The Gentle Crackdown 2 vs Uncle Leung Choi Yuen's name.

TN: I think their love of Chinese language and Chinese history truly bonded Steven and Uncle Choi together. 

無錯Uncle材!只有壞人才咁驚雷,所以......只~咁~驚~雷~.......謎底係咪咁啊?(6月21日 18:31)

行動名稱:「紫禁驚雷」 指揮官:「梁材遠 」時間:「2011年7月25日晚上8時30分」地點:「無線電視翡翠台及高清翡翠台」 隊歌:「變天」行動為期:「26.5集」任務目的:「除內奸、抗外敵、撥亂反正。」*梁指揮官@材叔 請放心,多寶一身黑衣打扮,絕對神不知鬼不覺!不過,請提供內奸名單!

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