Wednesday, June 22, 2011

weibo 6/21 Kara Hui as dream goddess

@惠英紅kara Hui Wait a few more years, she is still too young.

6/21 12:50  Wah! Isn't this the very image of my dream goddess ma? Heavens! Hero, Hero (Ying Hong)*, Who is she ya? Introduce her to me, can or not? 

@惠英紅kara HuiYoung Fei Fei gave me this old photo that even I did not have, which I shared with you all now.  At the same time, thank my young  friend, Little Fei (Crystal Liu Yeh Fei)

TN:* Hero == word play on Kara's Chinese name 英紅 pronounced as Yin Hong, which also sounds like 'hero' in Cantonese.


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