Sunday, July 3, 2011

Updated news 2015 10 25 series: domd

updated news source


Steven had to audition for Kang xi in Domd1998.  There were many tvb actors also auditioning for the same role including Benny Chan.

7/3 23:53【reminiscing moment】First time filmed Qing drama, first time shaved head, that was when shooting one version of Mr. Kam Yong's "Luk Ding Gei" (Duke of Mt. Deer).  In a blink of an eye, it has already been 14 years ago.  Looking at this photo taken at that time, feel ...that Siu Yun Ji, actually was quite ok ba?  Heehee


tn: Less than an hour, the messages left on the message board are over a 1000.  According to baidu and tianya polls, Mainland Luk Ding Gei netizens love Steven and Jordan version the best.  And Steven's Kangxi remains a much loved if not the most beloved young Kangxi among mainland netizens.

Savor screencaps on this tianya thread; 
sm baidu thread, kangxi screencaps in baidu
 more screen caps on baidu

What a beautiful Siu Yun Ji!

source: sm baidu weibo 11:17


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