Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weibo 7/3 peking hudong

Uncle choi 7/3 13:38  The lady boss with 4 brave warriors in a Peking's hudong. 

steven 7/3 13:50  Big fence 4 warrior and cousin sister Double Happiness! @材叔 Uncle Choi,have watched the theme video, truly very epic! Awesome !  

TN: *Hudongs:  small neighborhoods in Peking built during the Ming dynasty

Related material on theme song, here's what tsuiyiyi wrote on her weibo:

tsuiyiyi weibo: Listening to Steven record Changing Sky, this one line: "This world I single-handedly manipulated",  that imposing manner of a spirit that conquers mountains and rivers and owns the very landmass beneath my feet, in a split second surged and overwhelmed.  I feel that Steven is no longer only genteel but more so martial.  A warrior general seizing opportunity in a battle, filled with courage and wisdom stemmed from life force.  That intimidating boldness radiating  brilliance.  When first listened to the song, already sensed the cries and lure of the "flying eagles of vast land".  

steven weibo: No wonder, lately my belly bulges, guess it's due to swallowing mountains and rivers. haha!"

馬浚偉 :大柵欄四勇士和表妹雙喜!@材叔 uncle材,看了片頭,真是氣勢逼人!讚啊!(今天 13:50)

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