Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sentinel: promo trailers

4) Vendetta

Dor Bo exposes his vengeance against Dowager Empress Xiao Zhuang for having his whole family executed.  Emperor KangXi says the execution was his idea. The power struggle for the throne between Emperor Kangxi and his 2nd brother, 2nd Lord Prince.

2nd Prince vows to re-gain what should have been his as the 'decreed' emperor.
Dor Bo vows to exact vengeance against his family's executors.

Per personal agenda, Dor Bo unites with 2nd Lord Prince to fight against Emperor Kangxi and Empress Dowager Xiao Zhuang.

TN:  Incidentally, in Domd 1989, Steven was Emperor Kangxi while Ching Ho Wai was Empress Dowager Xiao Zhuang.  In WTLB, Steven was Cao Ji with Ching Ho Wai as his mother. In On the track or off, Steven was Gam Yuen with Ching Ho Wai as his mother, again.  Of course, they played mother and son again in A Watchdog's Tale. 

Narrator: "Unraveling the intricate secrets within the Forbidden City." 
3) A mysterious minor character changes the destiny of the Qing Dynasty.

Gist: In the 60 odd years of Kangxi's rule, the person who contributed the most was not the Qing emperor or the Empress Dowager XiaoZhung, but an obscure minor character.  Steven: You can't even beat me, how can you be an imperial guard?

see clip 2
Narrator: "Unraveling the intricate secrets within the Forbidden City."  
2) The mystery surrounding Shunzhi's death

Gist: The Qing Dynasty's Shunzhi Emperor mysteriously died at the age of 24 but his death has always being questioned. Did he really die from illness on his bed?  or was it a cover up for something else?  Kenneth: The former Emperor was not dead then!

Narrator: "Unraveling the intricate secrets within the Forbidden City." 
1) The mystery of Kangxi's succession to the throne.

Gist: Kangxi's kingship is being questioned. Was he the rightful heir to the Dragon Throne as edicted by Emperor Shunzhi? Or had the heir on the imperial edict being secretly altered? If so who made the deliberate switch?

The very first promo trailer that even Steven himself had not seen beforehand.

steven So fast? I've not even seen this before wo! Ji Xin narrating, awesome!  

Steven says the trailer is just a tip of more detailed trailers to come. 

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咁快?我都未睇喎! 子誠旁白,正!


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