Tuesday, July 12, 2011

weibo 7/13 Villagers crushed to death in landslide

7/ 12 12:12  Woke up with a splitting headache, had wanted to quietly surf the net for news, but inadvertently read this news of Kong Sai County's villagers being crushed to death!  Oh, heavens! Real estate business?  County? City? Province?  Ai! My country ah, please tell me you will see this, please tell me that you know this is just a tip of the iceberg!  Progress takes time, I understand! But everybody can only live once, please protect your citizens, and love your sons and daughters!  My head does not hurt now, but my heart does!

16:55 It's my wont to think positive but at the same time I acknowledge that ugliness exist.  Only this way can I find equilibrium.  With equilibrium only then can I firmly and expansively continue to walk!  Friends, add oil!

馬浚偉  Took some medicine, headache's gone, little piggies don't worry!   Btw, the photo pretty or not?( 19:17) 

馬浚偉  Have you eaten?( 19:23) 

馬浚偉  Tonight I had Japanese hors d'oeuvres and wu dong!( 19:30) 

馬浚偉 I've been happy all along! I'll be even happier in days to come! Also, Sentinel is awesome. Nip Dou Bo~ you all will both love and hate!( 19:32) 

馬浚偉 Japanese Wu Dong noodle ya!(19:34)

馬浚偉  Of course, the color in this photo has been tinged, there's no purple sea and sky ya! haha!(19:42)

TN: I've a feeling wedding bells will be ringing soon for Steven.  He must have been busy planning the whole thing that's why he has been so happy that past fews months, like he keeps saying.

醒来头痛欲裂,本想静静在网络溜达一下看看新 闻,没想到一看就看到江西赣县村民被碾死的消息!我的天啊!地产商?县?市?省?唉!我的国家啊,请告诉我你会看到这些;请告诉我你会知道这也许只是冰山 一角!进步要时间,明白!但每个人只能活一次,请保护你的子民、爱惜你的儿女!现在头不痛、但心痛!


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