Monday, July 4, 2011

weibo 7/4 Awaiting the next encounter

7/4 22:51 【Encounter】Left behind a burnt-like scar. Can't be erased, to forget is harder still!  Everything iron branded so deeply into the bone, cover with ice and snow, so hot it changed to tear stain. No need to interrogate, no need to search everywhere. Want to stay then stay; should leave then leave! Head lowered, silently awaiting the next encounter!

TN: FYI, early in weibo when fans got worried on some of his more melancholic poems or poetic entries, Steven clarified that those entries were not necessarily based on his own feelings or experiences, past or present, but that they were written just for the pure joy of writing, that's all.  Steven sure has a poet and an artist inside him that enjoys beautiful writing and pictures and natural beauty.  Trivia pursuit: The last I know, Steven was (maybe still) is a member of a private HK poetry club.


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