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# 5 Favorite Prose Essay - forget hate

Forget Hate

Indeed, sometimes, love’s flip side is hate. 有時, 愛的反面, 真的挺恨的!But not so for me! 說的, 不是我! Frankly, in my philosophy, love can be infinite, but hate is as to forget. 愛可以很盡, 但恨, 等如忘!

There are friends of mine, who only yesterday were inseparable, pledging vows of undying love, but in the instance of falling out or in a fit of intolerance would cast their past off like ashes into the winds! Even to the extreme of becoming bitter enemies bent on destroying each other.

If cannot be good friends or lovers, does it mean they cannot co-exist peacefully in the same place? Who gains? Who loses? It just cannot be distinctly clarified or delineated. But, people, oftentimes, like to shove all the blame onto the other party. Never mind how you are feeling, at least, I feel better.

Yeah! You feel better. I don’t. Enough!

Not enough! For some people, it is just not enough! Who owes who? Let’s not get into that just yet. Both parties or maybe just one of them will content with nothing less than his/her ex’s “death”. Death, be it the literal annihilation of life or the figurative ruining of life. In any case, hate you is just that, hate you! 反正恨你, 就是恨!

This kind of mindset is shared by both females and males alike. Moreover, this kind of mindset has nothing to do with being self-centered or not. I believe it is an inherent trait in human nature; to possess. 佔有!

This desire to possess; it is very insidious! It can push people towards atrocity, malevolence, cold-bloodedness and even self-debasement. Or perhaps to infect people you hate with this frame of mind and behavior that you yourself do not wish to possess.

I, truly, do not want to be this way!

Once person to person destiny is over, they should split! Split? To what degree? The ultimate split should be to forget! It maybe difficult to forget everything all at once, but heading that direction cannot be wrong. Although to forget may be seen as evasion, but I also believe between ‘forget’ and ‘hate’, ‘forget’ is better than ‘hate’. 我也相信﹐忘和恨, 忘比恨好﹗

source: 圖文並謬 pp 42-43
Translator: Tamaya
Note: My favorite essays are chosen based on their contents and Steven's eloquent writing, and also because they give a glimpse into Steven's thoughts and the kind of person he is. Like I find this essay's writing very elegant: poignant in his words; eloquent in its brevity of words. I like how he strung the words together so much so I reposted some of them in the translated piece.

In this case, Steven practices what he preaches; he buried the hatchet with Sonija Kwok and become friends again, at least outwardly. Admittedly, before their made nice, I was prejudiced against Sonija in that I did not think well of her. But because of Steven's outward display of friendship towards her, I have since become neutral towards her and wish her well in her future. Haha! My attitude is so weird because I don't even know her but an idol's behavior can greatly influence fans' attitude. It is important fans picked the right role model to emulate.

So, a good advice to readers, forget hate because ‘forget’ is better than ‘hate’.

Countdown: 5 more days to Steven's birthday, Oct 26.

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  1. I love this essay so much!!! How meaningful it is! "Forget" is better than "Hate". It is truely hard to forget somebody who hurt you. But Hating them that make you fall in misery. Days by days thinking about them with hatred that hurt you more and more until the day you die. So, why not simply forget it?