Saturday, October 22, 2011

Book - In remembrance

This essay is NOT among my top 7 favorite essays, I posted it in light of little Yue Yue's tragedy and because it highlighted and reinforced Steven's sympathetic and empathetic personality.

Dedicated to Man Lok

Liu Kai Chi and Chan Man Yee’s youngest son, Man Lok, has departed for his heavenly home. I don’t know Uncle Chi or Man Yee at all, nevertheless, I paid great attention to Man Lok’s illness. I may not have a parent's feelings but I have personally experienced taking care of a terminally ill family member. Concerning my experience, not going into it, but I do want to comment on this particular family.

As parents, how could they not be sad at their son’s passing away! That kind of pain is beyond the expression of written or verbal words. Soon after Man Lok’s passing, I happened upon Uncle Chi’s interview airing on a certain television station. My tears fell.

Throughout the whole interview, Uncle Chi was very calm and composed. He said his whole family is Christian, and that their viewpoint on death maybe be different from other people’s. He said although Man Lok has departed but to him, he just left earlier for his heavenly home and to the Lord’s embrace. One day, the whole family will unite again!

I am not a Christian*, but after hearing Uncle Chi’s words, sadness notwithstanding, there was also comfort. Life on earth, the meaning and the worth of living are not measured by the length of time. Lived a long life but never experienced the warmth of the mortal world, what’s the point? Lived a short life but enjoyed all the love and warmth of the mortal world, what’s there to regret? Today, Man Lok is in the Lord’s embrace. Although  only lived for just a 6 brief  years, I believe Man Lok had experienced to the fullest both his parents' and older brothers' love and tender care for him. Today, he is experiencing another kind of love in another dimension. He is already silently reciprocating his family’s longing and love for him!

Best wishes: Uncle Chi and Man Yee, Man Zit and Man Sun will continue their optimistic outlook towards all future challenges, and to propagate the most glorious side of humans to the world, and to forever keep the most precious emotion in life deep within their hearts.

source: 圖文並謬 58-59

TN: Liu Kai Chi is a veteran film and television actor, who’s married to former TVB actress Chan Man Yee. Their youngest son, Liu Man Lok, died of pneumonia on April 5, 2006, after a nearly three-year battle with leukemia.

*Steven has since embraced Christianity, as revealed in his weibo Oct 1st 2010

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