Friday, October 28, 2011

2011 Mercedes- Benz purchase as reward

Recently, TVB is short on siu sangs, even Steven Ma, who has served TVB for 18 years, is determined not to renew his management contract with TVB but to leave the nest to venture north. Allegedly, Steven's mind has already being made, for now he is shooting producer Miu Siu Ching’s Prosperous Father, but when it is done (tn: production is completed) he will immediately head north to shoot a 50-episode mainland tv series, Legend of the Yuan Empire Founder, co-starring with Hu Jun and Ray Lui.

Steven, who has been coldly treated by TVB all these years, has now become a very popular first line actor in mainland China. His fee for “LOTYEF” has reached 1.5 million rmb, and in his hands he has 4 mainland tv series, 1 movie and soon he will be the spokesperson for China’s Ma Ling canned food brand. (TN: confirmed) Steven has not even left the nest but has already earned more than 8 million rmb (about 10 million HKD). To celebrate his impending leaving the nest and striding north, Steven recently splurged hundred thousands of dollars to buy a new Mercedes-Benz as a mean of transportation, very grand indeed!

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Looks like television turmoil is entering the Chinese Warring States Period (tn: compete for dominance). TVB’s monotonous dominance finally has been broken, and artistes under its management have all become poaching targets. Steven, whose management contract with TVB terminates next June, has become the poaching target of Ricky Wong, Chairman of City Telecom, and mainland China artistes management agencies. Allegedly, despite the generally good reviews and healthy ratings of his recent tv series, “The Life and Times of a Sentinel”, and for the two tv programs he hosted, “Apprentice Chef” and "Book of Words", TVB has generally treated him coldly all these years. Not only did he come away empty handed without awards every year but also his opportunity to earn real money in mainland has been far and in between, unlike the preferential treatment TVB gives to others such as Raymond Lam and Bosco Wong. Finally, Steven has had it; he requested to terminate his contract; leave the nest and venture north. He would only sign a per series contract.

Allegedly, soon to be let free, Steven has been approached by numerous artistes management agencies, all hoping to snag him under their wings. But currently having set his eyes on the mainland market, Steven is still undecided of his direction. Steven’s popularity is very high in mainland, just his fee for accepting the 50-episode Legend of the Yuan Empire Founder starring Hu Jun and Ray Lui et al is as much as 1.5 million rmb; his fee three times that of TVB's. Moreover, he is getting many job offers.Presently, he has 4 tv series, 1 movie, and is also the spokesperson for the mainland China brand canned food Ma Ling.  He has not even left the nest yet but already he has earned more than 8 million rmb (about 10 million hkd); can say he has struck it rich.

To celebrate his heading north to imbibe gold, Steven spent over hundreds of thousands dollar to buy a Mercedes Benz as a mean of transportation. Last Wednesday (10/19) he drove his new car to meet with friends to play badminton. That day he was in an excellent mood and was smiling the whole time. After finishing their game, he and friend went to a nearby a hawker stall to eat; life was good. Even though Steven’s decision to leave is set but still there are loose ends to tie up. Earlier, he worked hard at shooting producer Miu Siu Ching’s new tv series, Prosperous Father, in which he acted out his character as Fatt Dat Gor. He has a lot of scenes with Ha Yu.

Last Friday, 10/21, Steven attended PF’s celebratory dinner with fellow cast and crew colleagues. The attendees included producer Miu Siu Ching, Ha Yu, Tracy Ip, Nancy Wu, and Gao (?). After the dinner, Steven as well as Miu Siu Ching changed venue to a Neway karaoke lounge to continue the celebration. When Steven was leaving, this reporter immediately approached him to verify the situation of his leaving the nest to head up north to imbibe gold. He admitted to having a big harvest.

Steven = S
Reporter = R

R: You have many series and ads/commercial in mainland, and a new car, had a big harvest?

S: I guess. The previous Volvo suv is getting old so needed to be changed. I’m very thankful to everybody who sought me out to collaborate, and gave me many opportunities, hence reinforced my confidence to leave the nest. Actually what is most important is the chance to flex my acting chop. Not necessarily about money. Nowadays, mainland tv series scripts are good too.

R: TVB wants you to attend its awards anniversary ceremony and also indicated trade contract for award?

S: Of course, the company would like to have as many as possible artists to attend. But nobody has hinted that I would get an award. Even if I attend, it doesn’t necessarily mean I will get an award. But now I’ll be shooting in the mainland so will have to see my schedule.

credit: source: FROM@ka jump00

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