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Steven made up with ex-girlfriend

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Steven made up with ex-gf, Vivian!!

Tamaya: Steven met with ex-gf, Vivian while filming Temptation in Macao. Pix surreptitiously taken by the omnipresent press. Steven openly picked up Vivian at the harbor to Venice Hotel in the company van. Catherine Tsang, another passenger in the van, was seen getting off the van with Vivian, chatting amiably on the way to the hotel lobby. Steven strode hurriedly from the van into the hotel to avoid pix taken with Vivian, but of course to no avail. During her stay, Steven seemed to be in a very happy mood. 

Honeydaisy: I wonder why he tried to walk away quickly to prevent his picture being taken (with Vivian, that is). Is it because their public lives are so strictly managed that they are not allowed to be seen with someone who could be a girlfriend? Maybe he hasn't had time to report to the higher-ups in TVB about his reunion with Vivian, and has to still keep it a secret! Haha. :)

I think Steven was just being discreet so that his private life would not become fodder to feed the hungry press. In the past, HK paparazzi had stealthily snapped pix of him at take-outs eatery, at a doctor's office, and even at a gas station among others. This reporter, probably just hoping for some candid pix of Steven dining with colleagues and Zhan Jie to boot, truly luck out when Steven picked up Vivian at the harbor. Also the readers only have this reporter's words that Steven has reconciled with ex-gf. Don't know about other higher-ups, but since Zhan Jie, among others, was in the van when Steven picked up Vivian, she should be well aware of this alleged reconciliation. But according to a HK fan, this newspaper's credibility is questionable as it is free, and easily available on the streets, moreover, no other tabloids or newspapers have reported on this at all.

Excerpt of the news report:
That night Ma Zai and his senior colleagues went to 黑沙环 restaurant for dinner. He seemed to be in a high spirit throughout the whole time, yakking away like a bird just been newly released from its cage. Besides talking up a storm with Zhan Jie, he was also extremely talkative with the restaurant owner, too. After dinner, around 10 pm, he and his dinning partners got into in a 7-seater van which he then drove to a “gwai lin gou” place for desserts. When they left the place later, while holding on to his take-out, he courteously assisted Helen Ma and the others into the van, and then drove straight to the harbor. As soon as he arrived, he immediately got off the van and helped Vivian, who had waited for him at the spot, into the van. When they arrived at Venice Hotel, Ma Zai, who got off the van first, deliberately ignored Vivian. But the latter and Zhang Jie chatted amiably. To avoid the exposure if he were to accompany his girlfriend to her room through the casino, Ma Zai told his female assistant and girlfriend to take another route to the room. He thought that would be a surefire circumvention, but sorry to say, his old flame reconciliation was still been exposed.

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