Thursday, October 20, 2011

# 7 Favorite Prose Essay - a magic portal

October 26, Wednesday, is Steven's birthday, a week from now.  I will count each day with one of my top 7 favorite prose essays from his 2009   My favorite essays are chosen based on their contents and Steven's eloquent writing, and also because they give a glimpse into Steven's thoughts and the kind of person he is.

Since Steven is a Dingdong fan, I will start the countdown with A Magic Portal essay inspired by Dingdong.

A Magic Portal
When young I loved to watch cartoons, especially Dingdong. Today, Dingdong’s name has been changed to Doraemon. I remember when young, of all Dingdong’s magical objects, I loved the magic portal the most. Just imagine, say where you want to go and the door duly opens, and there you are! Now that I am all grown up, my most favorite magical object is still the magic portal.

It is simply amazing! There’s no lapse of time to consider, no boundary hassles to deal with, and no traffic jams to get caught in! The four corners of the world are all within a short distance. Actually, I too possess a magic portal; it’s my thoughts. The freedom of thoughts is unlimited. No matter where one is, all one has to do is close both eyes, and immediately one is flying freely in one’s thoughts. Whatever one wishes to see, to get or desire, they can all manifest before you! This kind of freedom not even fascism can expunged.

I love to roam inside my thoughts.

Not posturing any philosophy or artsy affectations, but in real life, things don’t always go our way, and often times are even beyond our control. Hence, to indulge ourselves of this magic portal to get what we normally cannot get in real life, why not?

Just like how Dingdong’s name change is outside my control; but to me, he is still the big head, small body, round eyes and watermelon mouth Little Dingdong. You change your last name; I keep my first name; don’t care.

In the cartoon, Dingding is a simplistic and cute cartoon figure; the cartoon has simple plots and projects uncomplicated feelings! But undoubtedly, Dingdong is a philosophy. In Dingdong’s philosophy you can see real life characters, the fine line straddling righteousness and evil, and the struggles between good vs bad. Even to having the good and bad always getting their deserved endings, the cartoon explicitly illustrates that to the fullest. Anyway, will not touch on that for right now.

圖文並謬 p 78
Translator: Tamaya

Tamaya: Who among us do not wish to possess a magic portal like Dingdong's? The urge to move freely to wherever our hearts desire. To just get away from people and things that trouble us? Or to visit new places everywhere on earth even under the sea?

Recall the movie, A Beautiful Life; trapped in life, by life, by circumstances, by work, by poverty, in poverty, in traffic and so forth, but so constrained, there is still the freedom of thoughts. And when even the freedom of thoughts is constrained, the human spirit so atrophied will gradually dim out and finally die.   

Since I did not grow up with Dingdong, I don't relate to him as well as people like Steven, but I like the idea of owning an instant transporter myself.

Steven has a very creative mind, so he will never get bored on his own as he can take off anytime from reality into that fertile imagination of his.


  1. Oh my God! I love your countdown so much!!!! I'll follow you each day of this countdown! Thanks Tamaya!!!! May I appreciate your job here? It's just fantastic.

  2. Tell me your favorites and I'll post them alongside mine. And we can all discuss it.

  3. How about Badminton, his most favorite sport? I love Badminton too, I participated in a small competition before. ^^. Not become a winner in the end, but I had a very good time. Why don't we talk about Steven's passion in such a healthy activity like badminton.

  4. Did you know Steven's this week One Pen Ma article talks about his addiction to badminton? haha! Will translate the article and we can comment in that post when it's done.