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Recollection of Steven's sep 2010 weibo entries

Revisiting Steven's old blog entries:

9/11/2010  21:12
The 4 most valuable "self" words for people: self-awareness not self-pity; self-confident not self-important; self-improvement not self-destruction; self-enlightenment not self-deception. Let’s all work hard together; as long as there’s hope, tomorrow will be good! Will be much better!

Good vs Evil discussion on weibo

Steven discussing evil vs good, and I was lucky to be present during the ongoing discussion, even if only as a silent reader. Steven was online discussing with fans on evil vs good, and of course, the discussion digressed into different topics including philosophy and psychology, and books, "紅岩", "天獄" and Cao Cao's short poems. TN: Steven is really nice to his fans. Not wanting to treat them as a collective faceless fan base, he asks them to reveal their age, gender and occupation. 20 or so did. Surprisingly many are teachers. Most are 20 ish -early, mid and late.. Steven really impressed me with his genuine interactions with his fans, seeing them as individuals not a group of faceless fans, and not taking their support of him for granted. He also thanked them for accompanying him chatting into late at night. Steven's last tweet was at 2:46 am.


Steven weibo 9/9 18:35
What is the scariest kind of people on earth? To me, they are the hypocrites who use other people’s decency as cover-up, use other people's selflessness as shield and use other people’s trust as spear! People who are hypocrites are the most horrifying! Wolves in sheep’s skin? Are far less horrifying than demons clad in human skin!


Steven's excerpts (in descending sequences)

Will you all be interested in discussing the topic of good vs evil?

Contemplation does not have to equate reality; writings do not represent actual experiences! In today’s troubled world, one should ponder on good vs evil. You can use the philosophical perspective for contemplation, but should not use the Buddhist perspective for explanation! My statement is by no means disrespecting religion, but that if just by a sentence everything can be explained, then why do we need to experience life on earth? I hope that through words, we can understand life better! It can be that I enlighten you, or likewise, you made me comprehend, right?

-- Wicked ways and deeds are of course called ‘hateful’, good conduct and deeds are of course called ‘lovable’.

-- To have equality in the world, hmm…should say equality based on perceptual; truly difficult! But equality based on rationality, to me is a must!

-- I believe in the doctrine of the mean (moderation), you all know that ba! Like I’d said (can be moderate) perceptually, yes; but not (can't be moderate) on rationality! Because if everything is in moderation, then it will be tough to distinguish right from wrong, and good from evil. The legal system will also become confusing. That will create a very dangerous situation.

-- Well said! There is indeed a gray medium between good and evil. But upon pondering, can it be that the evil vs good came about because of legal principles? If not, then who decide evil vs good? 

-- Brought up a key point here! If I’m not satisfied with today’s legal system, then what should I do? Feel powerless and just bear it in silence? I can’t! I don’t study law, but I do understand its inception motivation! Hmm..want to change, should say persist, if want to persist to equalize evil vs good in the society, then that will have to depend on people, depend on living people! Won’t compromise, won’t feel helpless. When still living, will insist on principles….oh dear.. though love my country but if I were to continue espousing, might get censored.

-- Haha! Adhering to one's principles is ? I've already accepted that!!
(in response to a fan saying maybe he is being too inflexible like how Ji Yuen is compare to Chai Gao who is willing to compromise his principles to benefit himself. There was a heated discussion among some fans over the concept of evil vs good. Compromising principles vs non-compromising. )

-- The rule of law, legal system? Got to answer this question very carefully! Haha! History enacted them; the problems arose from Britain’s occupation of Hong Kong! Can only say that the growth of Hong Kong of that era was different from that of China’s. But now? It has changed! Our country has progressed as has her legal system. To improve, she needs time, more so, she needs us!

-- The difference between the rule by law and legal system? hm, I suggest you buy some books on it, I don't know how to answer that! recommend "中国大陸政治術語-李谷城,當代政治哲學導論 (An Introduction to Contemporary Political Philosophy by Will Kymlicka),香港法-陳弘毅等合編!

-- Three of the books are from years back when I did a self-study course. Maybe a bit outdated, but the rationale should still apply!

-- Haha! Sometimes indulge in shooting the breeze to the fullest, sometime enjoy a deep discussion on a topic, isn't it better this way?

-- I cherish our chat, but sometimes I enjoy more when chatting on a topic, like today, I'm very happy!
Wah! so many teachers..
Wishing all teachers A Happy Teachers' Day! (When told by fans that tomorrow is China's Teachers' Day.)

Steven continued his discussion with fans with a new weibo entry.
His last tweet was at 2:46 am with: "It's very late now. (You all) go to sleep. Goodnight!"
we are all the same

9/15/2010  2:46

Don't give me any kind of looks; you and I the same, inside and outside!

Steven's response to a fan's question on how he feels about Hong Kong's return to China's rule.
Quite impressed by Steven's prudence, at the same time, witty response to such a sensitive political question.

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