Monday, March 12, 2012

weibo March 12

Steven and Ada's interactions having recently followed each other weibo. 

Not yet! Call me! Let's have dinner together with you and your husband. Still haven't celebrate (tn:marriage) with you two![赞]3/12 22:24 The long-time-no-see Beijing, see you tomorrow!  @蔡少芬: I'm going there on the 15th! Have you left by then?

Steven's body double.

Xiao Lung, actually you are not only a very responsible assistant director but also a good actor. Today thank you for being my body double. Truly very sorry, at the same time, grateful.  Xiao Lung, add oil! P.S. You are actually better looking than I am.... see how sweetly Yun Lin gu liang smile.  Feeing jealous here....[哈哈] @演员陈小龙 @何彦霓

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