Friday, March 30, 2012

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Taiwan Trip
Just went to Taiwan for 5 days, the primary reason was to visit an elder whom I have known for almost twenty years, and who has always looked upon me as her real nephew. She still looks as sprightly as ever, her face, radiant, so totally unlike a 70-year old chronic patient who has been through several surgeries.

This elder whom I love and respect, and who has surmounted one hurdle after another - when we met I had this urge to cry right there and then.  Of course, I controlled myself but seeing her continue to stay healthy and happy, I am truly very moved, even more so, very gratified.

Another motive for for my trip is for a get- together with two actors, Huang Jian Qun (黃建群), and Wu Yue, whom I got to know when shooting LOTYEF.  Huang Jian Qun is a Taiwan actor. Wu Yue wen to Taiwan for the first time because of his participation in a stage play over there. (tn:Monkey King play)  I recall at Hengdian we had already agreed that when I go to Taiwan, Jian Qun and I would visit the Monkey King stage rehearsal, after which we would go out for dinner and drinks.

Brother, that was my promise to you and I kept it! But still need to pay some compliments: Your ability at stage play is truly not bad at all! Just the rehearsal itself was already quite exciting, I believe your play 孫飛虎搶親 will sell out. Add oil!

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