Sunday, March 25, 2012

weibo2012 3/25 - taipei trip - get -together

3/25 20:34  On this Taipei visit, happy to get together with my two brothers from the "Legend of the Yuan Dynasty Founder" , but happier still was seeing an old friend of two decades, an elder who has always treated me like her real nephew, though in her 70s she is still in good health -  this, not only moved me, even more so, made me feel blessed.  

是次到台北 除了開心能與兩位建元風雲的兄弟重聚 更是 一位與我認識快二十年 一直視我如親子侄 也年過七十的長輩 她的身體終見無恙 這 教我感動之餘 更覺感恩

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