Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Steven Ma Cannot Adapt so Terminated TVB Contract Early

Source: HK headline news 3/7/2012

Steven Ma Cannot Adapt so Terminated TVB Contract Early 

Steven Ma gave an interview to Commercial Radio host, Eileen Cha Siu Yan. When asked why his early termination of TVB contract? Steven said it was because he could not adapt. When probed for why now said unable to adapt after 18 years of collaboration?  He said he had already encountered problems much earlier on, and moreover he wants to venture outside TVB.  So why did he renew his earlier contract? He explained at that time Catherine Tsang had Stephen Chan talked to him: "At the time, I requested from Mr. Chan more exposures and to have my own culinary tv program. But I did not request a pay raise."

On an aside, Steven revealed that his still have feelings for his former girlfriend, and hope they will give each other another chance. He said: "Actually, I'm earning more now so do not mind as much.  Back then when I was not in a strong financial situation to support her she did not mind, but I did. I did not want to have her change her lifestyle because of me."

TN: Aww! Steven! I hope your chow zhou chauvinistic male pride have not cost you a good woman.
But I'm pretty sure he's going to win her heart back. Add oil! Good luck!

And the big news is that at year end Steven will act in a 30 episode series written by him.  
But, anything can change between now and year end. 

And in the article below reported more on his love relationship which may be salvaged after all. All this time, it was because he feels his financial situation was not stable enough and he did not want her to change his lifestyle because of him so suggested to break up.

-- more -- in Chinese

        馬浚偉昨日接受商台查小欣訪問,被問到為何要跟無提前解約?馬仔表示是自己不適應。被追問為何跟無合作了18年才說不適應?他坦言一早發覺有問題,況 且又想向外闖。至於當日為何留下?他解釋當時由曾勵珍找了陳志雲跟他洽談:「當時我向陳生要求多曝光和想有自己的飲食節目,但我沒有要求加薪。」



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