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Steven Ma Unconcerned of Being ostracized by TVB

Steven Ma unconcerned of being ostracized by TVB.
His series aired with skimpy promotion
马浚伟唔担心被TVB封杀 告别剧出街削宣传

TVB new series, Daddy Good Deed, will air this month on the 19th right after "Hippocratic Crush" ends. This series is viewed as an "orphan series", the reason being that it is the farewell series for both its producer, Miu Siu Ching,  and one of its main leads, Steven Ma.  Producer Miu will soon join NowTV, while Steven has already terminated early his contract. The currently airing Daddy Good Deed's previews on TV showed only Ha Yu's character, pawn shop Yi Shuk Gong, greeting his neighbors while male lead, Steven Ma, has almost become an 'invisible person'.  The 'conspiracy theorists' think that Steven has been ostracized, that Daddy Good Deed has become  a "film inventory futures' 「摄期货」, that its broadcast expedited so that that series won't become an eyesore languishing in the pit of the warehouse. 

Steven has just finished shooting  "Legend of the Yuan Empire Founder" and is now taking a break in Hong Kong.  As to his farewell TVB series, 'Daddy Good Deed', becoming an 'orphan' work, he is not concerned that he would be ostracized by TVB. Steven has confidence that this series will not be aired under the radar, and that the outsiders over think.  He said: "TVB and I still maintain a good relationship.  It (TVB) is soliciting me to sign a per series contract as another form of contractual collaboration.  I believe it (TVB) will not give cold treatment to my 'temporary separation' series."

Reasonable to Highlight own people
Steven speaks out for TVB in that he was not being coldly treated.  (tn: re DGD promo trailers) He says the male lead of DGD is Ha Yu, and that he himself is Ha Yu's son in law, so the promo trailers focusing on Ha Yu is not unreasonable.  Moreover, the promo trailers are aired in stages. Last night new promo trailer was already introducing other characters, including his. Steven says that Producer Miu had informed him of the series' promo video shoots but at the time he was in mainland shooting a series, and as he's not omnipresent he could not make it at the time. But now that he is back in Hong Kong he will cooperate with tvb in the series' promotional events.  Originally, as part of the DGD promotion, TVB has also pre-arranged a media interview for him but wanting some private time alone he tactfully turned it down. Furthermore, tvb tv magazine had also arranged a cover page photo shoots but regrettably Steven could not make back to Hong Kong in time to participate.

CRHK Chance Encounter -Former boss, Stephen Chan, Now Friend
Yesterday Steven went to Commercial Radio studio to have an interview with Eileen Cha.  The new CRHK Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Chan, made a special appearance in the studio just to say hi to Steven.  Steven laughs and says that it was quite unexpected to encounter Stephen Chan there.  Apparently, Mr. Chan knew of Steven's interview with Eileen Cha so he especially dropped by the broadcast studio to see him. Their chat was brief but they agreed to do lunch soon. Steven says that in the past he and Mr. Chan has had a  boss-subordinate relation but now they are friends.  Steven congratulates Mr. Chan on his new job and that he is happy for him. 

Contract Terminated Early due to Dissatisfaction with a certain person.
During Steven's interview with Ms. Cha, it was pointed out that his TVB contract was originally set to end in July, but he requested its termination four months earlier, consequently severing the 18 years or so employer-employee relationship. Steven says he has deep feeling for TVB,  and that he will miss many of the people and stuff at TVB. However, regrettably he and TVB have irreconcilable differences of opinions and that he was uncomfortable with how certain situations were handled, hence his early termination of contract.  He admits that he has met up with Ricky Wong for food and drinks and socializing, and that NowTV has also contacted him. Furthermore, his work schedule in mainland China is now full, including a plan for a series he will script and act in.  Nevertheless, TVB is still his maternal home. He will consider a different form of contractual collaboration with it in the future if he feels comfortable with its conditions and terms.  Incidentally, he has always kept in contact with his mentor, Catherine Tsang, and that he will make an appointment to meet with her soon. 

Bernice Liu willing to do TVB promo for series
TVB External Affairs Deputy Director, Tsang Sing Ming 曾醒明 announced that Daddy Good Deed will be promoted in the usual conventional promotional method, and that they have also invited Steven Ma to participate. Even though Steven has already left TVB but appearing as a freelancer  in the promo event should not pose any problem.  As to the series, The Greatness of a Hero《盛世仁杰》that will air later,  one of its female leads, Bernice Liu because of her contract with Ricky Wong's CTI company, TVB will respect the spirit of a contract so it is not convenience to issue an invitation for her participation. This reporter contacted Bernice's manager who corrected TVB's misunderstanding.  Bernice has only signed with an agent management company not with the tv company.  Should TVB want her participation in the series promo events, she will be more than happy to accommodate if her schedule permits.


-in Chinese-----

明报 2012-3-7

马浚伟唔担心被TVB封杀 告别剧出街削宣传

【明报专讯】无线新剧《当旺爸爸》将紧接 《On Call 36小时》后,於本月19日播映。此剧被视为「孤儿剧」,皆因是监制梅小青与主角之一马浚伟在TVB的告别作。梅小青将跳槽now电视,而马仔更向无线提早解约。日前播映《当旺爸爸》的宣传片,只见夏雨演的当铺「二叔公」跟街坊打招呼,男主角马浚伟几乎变了「隐形人」。「阴谋论」者认为马仔被封杀,《当旺 爸爸》变「摄期货」,匆匆安排播映免留仓底,睇见眼冤。

马浚伟刚完成《建元风云》返港休息,对於他的TVB告别作《当旺爸爸》做了「孤儿仔」,他 未担心被封杀。马仔有信心此剧不会在不闻不问情况下播出,外界的担心未免想多了。他说:「TVB跟我仍保持友好关系,正游说我签部头合约,以不同形式合 作,相信不会冷待我『暂别』演出的作品。」
马仔为TVB说好话,没有被「待薄」,他称《当旺爸爸》的主角是夏 雨,他演夏雨的女婿,故宣传片以夏雨作焦点是无可厚非。宣传片是分阶段的,昨晚新剧宣传片已介绍其他角色,马仔也有份亮相。马仔称监制梅小青也向他提过拍 摄宣传片,当时他在内地拍剧,分身乏术。现在他返港也会配合公司的宣传,他会出席多个公司安排的宣传活动。原本宣传部也有为他安排传媒专访,但他这阵子想 静下来,故婉拒了。还有官方刊物也安排拍封面照,可惜他未能赶及返港。
商台遇志云 上司变朋友

马 仔接受查小欣访问,提到他跟无线的经理人合约原本7月才届满,但他提早4个月解约,结束10多年的宾主关系?马仔称TVB有很多他留恋的人与事,有很深的 感情,奈何跟某方面理念分歧,处事令他不舒服,故要以解约终结关系。他承认跟王维基会相约吃喝玩乐,而now也有接触,加上今年他在内地的工作已排满,包 括会自编自演剧集。不过,TVB是他的娘家,他也会考虑将来以不同形式合作。他日内也会相约「恩师」曾励珍见面,他跟珍姐从没有间断联络。

无 线外事部副总监曾醒明称,《当旺爸爸》照常规的宣传方式,也有邀马浚伟参与,虽然他已离开公司,但「自由身」亮相宣传没问题。至於稍后播映的《盛世仁杰》 女主角之一廖碧儿,因为她签了王维基的电视台,TVB尊重合约精神,故不便邀她参与宣传。记者联络廖碧儿经理人,指TVB误解了,廖碧儿只签了经理人公 司,没有签电视台。要是TVB邀她参与剧集宣传,只要有档期她也会配合宣传。


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