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Radio interview with Eileen Cha 3/6/2012

The tudou links to Eileen Cha's interview with Steven in 3 parts. part1 part2(contract) part 3 (love)

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 part 3 segment or about 32:00 on the full broadcast timer. 
Steven talks about his love relationship
E:  A very warm moment just happened.  Which was Stephen Chan dropped in to say hi to Steven. 
S: Yes, very happy. Seeing him looking so well, and now as CO, so congratulations to him.

E: He also congratulates you too for doing so well. But don’t why Steven’s finger is all bandaged. Finger got cut? What’s wrong?
S: Last night after my shower, I accidentally slammed the door on my finger.
E: So absent-minded? What’s the matter with you?
S: Nah! Just too happy.
E: Why so happy?
S: Just when I was closing the door I reached inside to turn on the ventilation because it was vey humid. So the door slammed onto the finger and broke the flesh so became bloodied.
E: So need to see doctor?
S: No need lah, a tough man like me. I just poured some hydrogen peroxide over it to disininfect.
E: Must be very painful
………. Discuss what he brought over with him to mainland. (first-aid, medicine, computer, sweets for low blood sugar)
E: Why need to eat sweet? Just bite your own finger, you’re so sweet.
S: So I’ll become a vampire

E: Steven, earlier part we’d already started this topic, you are now so completely focused on your work in mainland, because of the breakup no mor lingering worries?

S: No, still continue to have lingering worries.

E: Worries about girlfriend?

S: aa..aa.. Right now I feel there’s a change; quite obvious.  I don’t know how to describe it

E:  Get back together?

S: aa…aa follow fate. Give another chance to oneself, give another chance to us.

E: You have opened up your mouth to say this?

S: aa..aa. Have communicated. Have said it.

E: March 1st night you came back to Hong Kong, and today is March 6th ,  have you seen each other?

S: No, she’s not in Hong Kong. I’ve to fly over to look her up.

E: So, when are you flying over?

S: aa.. when our time match.

E: haha! So matched the time already?

S: emm…will work on it.

E: So your finger is already stubbed (pun on “kap”)

S: Yeah, the finger’s already “kap”; also people’s attitude can change. These few days I came back many friends commented that my attitude had changed somewhat. They felt that I had become more ‘easy’ (relax/at ease)

E: The new Ma Chun Wai.

S: like more easy on many aspects.

E: more casual

S: Not so particular on certain things.  Well, frankly speaking, it is because I’m earning more money. So not so worry anymore compare to before.  Also know about my future jobs. The heart is more secure.

E: Can take care of a family now.

S: Actually, could do that already before but just wished for more.  Haha!

E: haha! Really? Ma Chun Wai, really because of wanting to ..

S: Yes, for me I had to have a certain amount of money before I would decide to have a family

E: Yes, I know, I understand that Ma Chun Wai is a chauvinistic man, and that he wants to take care of people around him.

S: I don’t like other people to pay, don’t like other people to spend money on my behalf.  I would rather I pay for you. I don’t want you to pay for me.
E: Your girlfriend won’t. Was it really because you felt your financial situation was not strong enough?

S: Not up to the level that could take care of her. I felt. I didn’t want her to change her lifestyle because of me.  But of course I knew she didn’t mind.  Even if she had to just eat bread she would not have minded.   

E: But you did.

S: Yes, I did.

E: Why would she need to eat bread with you? You cook so well. Haha. just not eating those rare delicacies. haha

S: I don’t want other people to changer their lifestyles because of me. That’s just my feeling

E: This truly was the reason for the breakup? So did you say to her that I don’t want you to..

S: Well, there was other stuff like there’s my bad temper too.

E: Huh? Is that right? I don’t think so.

S: Wah, you have not seen me lost my temper, Siu Yan Jie

E: So why would you for no reason lose your temper with someone you love?

S:  Well, sometimes the more beloved the person the more you dare to show your temper with.

E: huh..

S: Humans are like that. You’ll see, you lose your temper more with the person who love you the most.

E: So you know you’re wrong?

S: I don’t think I was wrong.  That was just a personality issue. But I’ve changed now.  So now I seldom lost my temper.

E: Do you know why?

S: Why?

E: Because you don’t have as much discontentment with reality now.

S:  Well, yeah, can put it that way.  Also when the future paths and decisions have become clearer, my worries are reduced. And now I view most stuff with a positive attitude.

E: Was that why when Ma Chun Wai was dating he would not disclose it. It’s not because was afraid the fans would not like it.

S: It had nothing to do with fans.  In fact, many of them knew, also my friends knew too.  What century is this? Even married still can be popular. Even as father or mother still can have many fans.  It’s not that. But going outside to shoot a series will need some accommodation and getting use to.  Because you can’t just think of yourself.  So we must have some consensus and I hope that we agree on the consensus and see if fate…

E: Can the consensus be that she follows you to mainland where you shoot the series.  

S: That would be bad.

E: Why?

S: Because that would totally tire her out.  I don’t know that.

E: Also will increase your sense of responsibility

S: Because my own responsibility is also heavy to start with.  So will let fate decide.  So will see how it goes for a period of time. See if our fate will let us stay together.

E: But still happy you know actually

S: At least we still keep in touch

E: So earlier back then, in love and in work, Ma Chun Wai was making tough decisions.  Should I terminate the contract? What should I do?

S: Feeling very lost.  Had to make a choice? To make the choice to terminate the contract early was not an easy decision to make.  Moreover, nobody ever did that before.

E: Also, it was just a decision, doesn’t mean it could be done. 
S: Yes, I also worried it could not be done.

E: To terminate the contract with the company is of course difficult to do. There is the black and white contract, to terminate it early is of course not an easy task to do. But toward girlfriend? Should we continue or not? How to decide on that?

S: Actually, we are talking about a year ago situation. Like I had disclosed earlier. I was and still am worried about one issue. Though I myself am still single but I worry if she had another (bf) and if I did not disclose our breakup, people would think we were still together so that would be very unfair to her.  And so she would become a two-timer and I the pitiful victim.  That’s not right. So that’s why I decided to disclose it first. But it turns out she didn’t have any either.  So…so haha.. will see how it goes. 

E: Haiz! Look at you, much ado.

S: But after this,  we have more stuff to talk about.

E: A lot of shared experiences together.

S: At least, she did not find another person, and I didn’t either.  Well,..also my attitude has changed. So will get her a bit of time to see if my attitude has really changed.

E: Doing such a turbulent period with love and work problems, who helped Ma Chun Wai the most?

S: Well, no one in particular. I seldom shared my problems. Of course, the colleagues around me will help, there’re Tsui jie and manager, Hillman, and I would talk with them. But with things that I could not think through, I would go play badminton.  Once I hit the balls I would forget everything.

E: This is a good way to numb oneself.

S: After a strenuous exercise you’ll lighter and more relax.  The brain more oxygenated.  So you think to yourself not need to think too much. And oh, there’s one other way, is to talk to God. Just turn over the burden for Him to take care. No need to think. Just do well what you need to do today.  Stuff will take care of itself.

E:  The boat will straighten itself at the jetty. Haha  so go sleep.

S: Mine is even shorter.  Haiz, not going to think about it.  So I really managed to not think about it.

E: Good, Because I know in the days to come, Ma Chun Wai, his career profile no need to think because someone else has already planned for him.  All he has to do is signed the paper.

S: Well,  these next two months I will give myself some freedom,  to enjoy the feel of it. Many people have approached me. I want to thank them for their interests in me.  It is not that I don’t want to discuss with you all but that…

E: Fine, two more weeks. I’ll tell them. Look for Ma Chun Wai in April.

S: That’s correct. Only one more month, it passes very quickly.

E: For the next two months I’ll be your manager.  

S: OK. Haha

E: Thank you, Ma Chun Wai.

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