Wednesday, June 13, 2012

news - Steven Ma thru space Confesses his love to Ex-Girlfriend.

《鸳鸯配》一人饰两角 马浚伟隔空向前女友告白
Yuan Yang Pei: One Person in 2 Roles; Steven Ma thru space Confesses love to Ex-Girlfriend.

A few days ago, Yuan Yang Pei 《鸳鸯配》troupe made an appearance in Shanghai TV Festival. The main leads Steven Ma and Zhang Meng et al  in accepted this reporter's interview.

In Yuan Yang Pei, Steven Ma portrays a pair of twin brothers, one simple-minded the other cool, and both brothers separately have an entangled love relationship with the female character portrayed by the leading lady, Zhang Mei. During the interview, Steven smiled and said that his own love relationship is still on shaky ground: "earlier separated with ex-girlfriend, currently still 空窗期". And then through space he confessed to ex-girlfriend, "My love has never changed, if can continue to be together, of course that would be the best."

  Awwwwww!  Vivian, don't let such a good man get away again. Yes, he had hurt you many times in the past but please forgive him and take him back. Every one deserves a second/third/fourth chance.  

Steven Ma fan

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  1. I think everyone should given a space for each one. Time is best thing for Steven and his ex-girlfriend.

  2. *laugh*.............(about one deserving x number of chances)...

    I wasn't gonna say anything.......

    However, in Vivian's shoes........I would spare a tot for Vivian's biological clock.

  3. It is true. At the moment I think Steven should concern more on his Career because his Career is just a starting at China..:)

    1. totally agree. Time will tell them both what direction their life should be, whether its together or apart.

  4. Fans urged Steven to prove his feeling with action,not just words ba. Yes, Vivian's biological clock is ticking loudly and urgently.

    Put myself in Vivan's shoes I can definitely see her viewpoint in breaking up with Steven, and feel for her. I once discussed with a non-sm fan about Steven not being a good bf because of his crazy schedule as actor making him a constant absent bf.

    And Steven, unlike his fellow actors who have girlfriends or wives much younger than themselves, has a gf whose child bearing age is fast expiring and whose parents must have put pressure on her to marry and start a family soon.

  5. People should do whats best for them. Life is sometimes cruel, you can love someone, but not be in love with them. And sometimes you can love someone but you cant be with them. I believe in fate, and if that person was meant to be with you no matter what, you will find each other even through the distance and the time apart. I dont quite agree with some of the comments made about Vivian's biological clock comments and how Steven should do something about it. If after so many years together you still want different things in life, then maybe time apart will give them both a chance to find what they both really want! We all love fairytale endings, but if Steven is not ready for the full on family life with Vivian, then if he really truly loves her, he should let her go and find someone who does want what she wants.

  6. That is exactly what Steven is doing,letting her go because of the differences in their life goals. Cos' I've had many long discussion on this particular subject, not going to reiterate my thoughts here, again.

    Like you said the irreconcilable point of contention is that Steven is not ready to settle down but Vivian is. And finally the interview that was done a few weeks on YYP set are finally coming in from different news agencies. There is one section on his love relationship.