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Steven Ma Hopes to reconcile with ex-girlfriend
2012-07-03 08:00

Since 1993 when he first joined TVB to shoot《开心华之里》, Steven during his 19 years in TVB has filmed 33 tv series in all, including his Dr. Stephen Chan (陈卓尧) in Files of Justice 《壹号皇庭》, Dr. Joe Cheung (张家裕) in Healing Hands, Emperor Kang Xi in Duke of Mt. Deer 《鹿鼎记》, and horse trainer Gam Yuen, in 《勇往直前》, all of which prompted much enthusiastic discussions among tv viewers. In 2006 Steven received TVB’s 'Most Favorite Male Character’ award, and thereafter have been nominated several times as top 5 finalists for best actor but regrettably to these days he has not been able to win the TV King title.  Toward that, his fans labeled him as TVB’s uncrowned tv king.  Steven responded cheerfully: "Uncrowned or not, doesn’t matter, so long the audiences like it, that’s good enough.”

Hope to Experience Behind the Scenes Work
Right after he terminated his TVB contract, Steven headed straight to Hengdian to film his new series ‘Yuan Yang Pei’ 《鸳鸯佩》. This series depicts the tribulations of a prominent family in a pre-modern drama. In the series, Steven portrays two roles, that of Lai Fu, a waiter in a restaurant, and the second young master, Tang Ting Xuan, of the Tang family. Steven said he himself likes challenging roles. “Lai Fu is a very simple and sincere person, very grassroot. But Tang Ting Xuan is the second young master of the Tang family, and extremely business savvy, also has a rich young master’s bad habits. And is very competitive with his younger brother. In the end like Lai Fu he also falls in love with Yong En. The ending is not too bad. Very happy to be able to experience this kind of character. Actors all hope to get roles that are challenging.”

When the topic about the huge number of Hong Kong stars ‘advancing north’ to mainland came up, Steven said he hopes to learn new things in mainland: “Mainland tv series market is very big. Just in Hengdian itself there are already about 10 to 20 different troupes simultaneously filming their own series, this would hardly happen in Hong Kong. And also the benefit of filming in mainland is that there's lots of (personal) time available,  lots of opportunities for actors to collaborate with different production companies, and also wage is lots more higher too. (laugh aloud) Of course much higher than before. In any case, I am very satisfied and happy.”

Toward his future work plans, Steven said: "Maybe before I had had few opportunities to come to mainland, but I now found out that I have many fans here, truly very grateful to their support. Hereafter, I’ll focus my work development in mainland. Moreover, I want to experience different work including scriptwriting and directing – I want to try them out. September this year, I will be in a mainland modern series, and I’ll be involved in the script-writing aspect. After that, I’ll be involved with more behind the scenes work. I’m very greedy, want to learn many things. In September I will try out editing.”  Steven said that all these years in TVB he had always paid great attention to the behind the scenes work. “I hope one day I'll be able to make good use of these experiences.”

Want to set up residence in Beijing or Shanghai
Toward the large number of tvb artists advancing north, Steven said that as the mainland tv series market continues to grow, it will undoubtedly attract the attention of even more Hong Kong and Taiwan celebrities, “What’s important is that the mainland market is growing rapidly, so creating more options. To me, filming in mainland is a happy thing. Can meet different people unlike previously in TVB with very familiar colleagues, back and fro there is not much changes in the different series troupes.”

Toward his departure from TVB, Steven expressed: “TVB can’t be replaced. Even though the contract has expired but in the future if there is an opportunity I’ll still collaborate with it. Just that the type of collaboration will be different. During the past 19 years TVB had given me a lot. Even though I did not renew the contract but I still maintain a good relationship with it.”

After leaving TVB, Stevne sets his sight on mainland, “September this year will work in Shenzhen. The series will probably shoot until mid December. And prior to Chinese New Year will go to the US and Canada for a break. After CNY will go back to Beijing for another series. And the later half of next year I will return to Hong Kong.”

Will spend half a year working in mainland? Steven smiled and said that he is very interested in mainland, and even consider setting up residence there.  “Shanghai, Beijing, either one but the houses are too expensive there. See if I can earn more money to buy a house there. Also, there are many cities in mainland I’ve not been to. I would like to have more opportunities to visit them.”

When asked Steven what  his criteria are when choosing a place to live in, he said: “I want a more quiet environment, easy transportation, fresh air. If living in big cities, Beijing or Shanghai, I like them too.”

This reporter laughed and said if he wants to buy a house in Beijing, the place that is the most quiet and has the  freshest air would be on the mountains. When Steven heard that he said: “Mountains is good too. If in the future my family agree to it I think it can be considered. Just that going home everyday the traveling may not be easy.”

Toward his marriage plans, Steven said,  for now his relationship has no set plans, “Earlier on, separated from girlfriend for a period of time because we had been together for so long, so need to be alone to cool down. My take on relationship is more straightforward. My love has never changed. If can continue to be together of course that would be the best.” Reportedly, Steven’s ex-girlfriend of many years is a red wine merchant, her personal worth is estimated to be half a million. Beside owning a red wine shop she also distributes to many 5 star hotels. They got to know each other due to their love of red wine. Even though Steven has been busy filming in different places but his heart still retains fond memories of past love. “We have been together for almost 8 years. We know each other very well. The separation is a cooling down period for us, so as to be able to meticulously plan for the future, after all it is the most important major life event.”

Xin Pao reporter 张侠

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