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video 粤夜粤娱乐news-SM in mainland mandarin improved greatly,

Steven Ma in mainland digging gold, his mandarin improved greatly
粤夜粤娱乐 6/8/2012

Haha! These two hosts are big fans of Steven, almost talk good of him and very supportive of him. 

Voice over:
Steven in the north digging gold, his diligence reflects his heart.
To Me, Zhu Mi Mi, I think for the group of HK artistes venturing out north, to them the biggest obstacle faced is not their adjusting to a strange place or the weather but rather how to learn to speak Mandarin fluently and to speak their lines in a smooth collaboration with the mainland artists.

Like today, we saw Steven Ma, who has completely broken off with TVB, presently shooting a series in Hengdian. On that day, the hardworking Steven arrived early on the set rehearsing with script in hand, face reflecting myriad emotions, and gesturing hands. Oh... apparently Steven was acting out a scene whereby as a dai siu yeh (first young master of the family) he is being abandoned and coldly treated by his father.

Hearing Steven delivering his lines in his less than fluent Mandarin, Zhu Mi Mi suddenly recall how Charmaine, Bobby, Kevin,and other Hong Kong artists who came over to mainland to shoot series all opted to speak their lines in Cantonese instead. Whereas Steven, you, can actually speak your lines in the same dialect as your cast members, surmounting all obstacles to speak in Mandarin, truly very professional.

 Wah! Steven, seeing how you yell at the director,  is it too deep into the scene, can't remove yourself, almost collapse in despair.  Are you always like this when doing a scene? Can cry instantly or can have the eyes slowly tearing up?

Steven: Actually just now I had to restraint because latter I had to do a panning in close-up.  In the close up I would then let loose all emotions. As to crying scenes, actually there was this one completely take.  Actually that scene was supposed to be very moving.  But the director upon seeing the video could not help laughing.  A very big flowing mucus. I'm learning when crying can have lots of tears but not too much mucus.

Steven, you are truly a seasoned professional actor.  But back to subject, you've been filming in Hengdian for this time, did you encounter many of your Hong Kong friends?

Steven: A few weeks ago, encountered Dicky Cheung, Kara Hui, Fala Chen, Maggie Cheung, Teacher Wu Ma. Often get to see Charmaine Sheh and Maggie Cheung. Will often play badminton when in the troupe.

After finished watching the on set news reporting on Steven, everybody saw Steven memorizing his script complete with gestures and myriad facial emotions and when it came time to do the actual shooting his eyes glistening with tears,  this kind of acting skill without at least a decade or more years of training and experiences cannot be effected. So his development in mainland is truly not bad at all, besides having series at hand to film, there's also a spokesperson commercial job. What's more important is that he is now a free agent unlike before in TVB (3 colors station) when he was squeezed dried. Heard that his current filming fees if not already pocketed 100 % at least 80% so many people have calculated the aggregate wah, this year, Steven shoots commercial as well as tv series may all add up to at least an 8 digit total.

Just like the so called "hard earned money for self-consumption"  so earlier there was this one magazine that happened to snap pictures of him at a luxury automobile dealership checking out the vehicles.  And after test drive the vehicle without much nitpicking he took out his card to pay for it and seal the deal.  

Wah! just like that, sealed the deal. Awesome! Steven, things are truly looking up for you. Seems like your development in mainland is going smoothly so there is no need for us to worry.  Ok, let us let get on to another news.

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