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Steven Ma Adapted Well to Mainland Lifestyle

There are 3 news articles in Wenweipo on Steven.  Wenweipo is one of HK more reputable newspapers. So its write up on artists are usually well-written and neutral. However, these lengthy articles are rehashing old news.

wenweipo part 1

已融入内地的拍剧节奏 马浚伟多搞作 设小马工作室

Steven Ma Adjusted Well to Mainland Lifestyle, Multi-Tasking, Setting Up Xiao Ma’s Studio
In any set rules, variables inherently exist so as to cope with the inevitable changes wrought by time and circumstances as such change is the true constant. Last year, Steven Ma (Mazai)insisted on terminating early his contract with TVB. Although he is now soaring in open skies and over blue seas, but still humans being emotional creatures, especially having to abruptly leave one’s habitat it is only natural that the new environment needs some getting use to, initially.

Nowadays, Steven’s priority is on good script and good role, so long the script is good, he will consider all offers from any Hong Kong tv companies.

But people have to heed the unspoken law of survival among the fittest, just like how Steven who earlier filmed series in mainland had to quickly adapt to mainland’s filming rhythm. Steven: “Have completely adapted. Like the earlier completed tv series ‘Legend of the Yuan Empire Founder’ to the more recent ‘Yuan Yang Pei’, I quickly became familiar with all their respective troupe members. Often after work we would have dinner together. We all got along fine like a family. Moreover, I have time to rest and read the script. No need to get up at 6 am to shoot outdoor scene and later on shoot in studio until late into the night, no time in between for me to workout. Here after work I can go to the sports complex to play badminton and do some workout. Also enable me to make many new friends. If have to say what I still can’t get used to is when I want to make soups. Here not all the ingredients are available because the local cuisine culture differs from Hong Kong's. For instant, earlier on, had wanted to get some apricots to make water-chestnut, pear drink but couldn’t find apricot kernels (南北杏) for sale but processed apricot snacks are everywhere. ”

Steven continues: “Every morning, I go to the make-up room, drink coffee while make-up is being put on. After make-up, stand in the partly canopied outdoor corridor. Breathing in the fresh morning air, one feels serene, and the mood especially relax. Can happily start a new day of work.”

Wish to portray the life of Xu Zhimo
Recently, many Hong Kong artists have ventured north, especially TVB 1st line artists such as: Charmaine Sheh, Ada Choi, and Bowie Lam, etc; all developing their careers in mainland, their commercial worth soaring, and money flows in like water for them. There are also rumors that Steven has recently greatly increased his RMB intake and that TVB has offered a high price to get him back.

“Of course, my income has increased but actually my focus is on good script and good role. If the script is good, any tv company approaches me, I’ll consider. But maternal home is still maternal home. If there were no TVB then there's no Steven Ma of today. So long the script is good and has room to flex then maternal home is still my first choice.”

About good script, good role, earlier on many fans in weibo suggested that Steven should portray recent historical cultural figures, Lu Xun and Xu Zhimo. (tn: inaccurate – Steven was the one who first brought up about wanting to portray these two historical figures.)

“I’ve always like these two cultural icons. Especially Xu Zhimo’s 'Happenstance’, I'm especially partial to it. So, many years ago I already had this wish. Hope will have a chance to portray these two people’s legendary lives.”

see Xu Zhimo's Happenstance here on the fanblog

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