Tuesday, July 3, 2012

SM September New Series – Will Participate in the Scriptwriting

Wenweipo part 2
The saying goes that the script is the backbone of a drama, be it movie or tv series, that having a good script is already half the battle. Having been an actor for 19 years, Steven’s love for being an actor goes without saying, but actually he also would also love to be a scriptwriter and a director too.

“I’ve accepted a mid-September tv series that will film in Shenzhen. I’ll participate in the scrip-writing work. The story synopsis is already set. It centers on a single mother’s life experiences interweaves with familial love, romantic love and affectionate love. The script promotes love as its main theme.”

As to his directing plans Steven said with confidence: “Everything should be taken one step at a time. Shouldn’t be too impatient and hasty. Shouldn’t overload one’s plate. Let’s concentrate on writing a good script first. Maybe in the next series. We’ll see.”

A 14-Table Filming Completion Banquet to Thank the Whole Troupe
Actually, everybody deep inside his/her heart has a sentimental complex, just that the knot differs by individual. Like how Steven because of his being the champion in a singing competition entered the entertainment circle and later joined TVB to film series until now becoming a household name as TVB popular siu sang. However, though his acting career is doing well, reportedly he still would like to release a music album.

Steven laughed and said: “You sure have a good memory. True, singing was my initial stepping stone into the entertainment circle. I won’t let go of singing. Year end, I’ll establish Xiao Ma Work Studio. Will plan to release an album. So this month besides working on the script, will go to Beijing and Shanghai for preparatory meetings to get the ball rolling”

Yuan Yang Pei has already wrapped up its filming but Steven said he misses his former troupe colleagues. “Director Wong Ka Fai was truly very efficient. Though seeking perfection in everything he was both quick and precise. Plus lighting technician, Yuan ge, and videographer and his team’s efforts and our solidarity, hence such good result. So really like this troupe, shooting went well, it is not a bad dream team.”

On the night of filming completion, Steven paid out of own pocket for a 10-table banquet to treat both the cast and crew members. Apparently when filming LOTYEF, his wrapping up filming celebratory banquet seated as many as 14 tables. Those present all had a great time feasting. They jested that Steven had set a precedent because few actors would do that.

But everything has two sides; tongues will wag and gossips will spread. Some people praised, naturally, others said the opposite. So not worry about gossips?

Talking about this matter, Steven's demeanor suddenly turned solemn, he said: “Actually all these years in TVB my attitude was that after every completion of filming I would treat dinner. Just that the staff and crew were not as big as this troupe so in Hong Kong 5 or 6 tables would do it. Actually treating them to a dinner held no particular meaning. The reason was simply to thank them. Because actually to complete a series requires a whole lot of people.  And some from start to end might not even have met each other at all. But in actuality they were all quietly working away. Frankly speaking, I myself also started working in the society from the bottom up to slowly get to where I am now. I too would like people to remember me. It’s not a matter of a meal but rather a gesture of appreciation 心意. You invite but it is up to me whether to accept or not. I believe this is something I will continue to do in the future. I want to let them know that everyone of them who has given, there is always someone who notices. This kind of team spirit I will continue to preserve. Of course, doing this doesn’t represent it is good, because everybody has his/her own way of doing things. But that, I hope since we have had the fate to gather together for a few months, treating them to a meal and if one can afford it, I’m more than willing to do so.”

The saying goes: “Easy to throw a party but difficult to get guests to attend”. If not concern with host’s feelings and sensibility why bother wasting energy to socialize. Would rather eat open eyebrows (happy) congee than to eat knitted eyebrows rice. After a concerted effort to complete a project, the whole troupe of people can eat and drink with great pleasure. This kind of joyous atmosphere actually can be seen in every celebratory banquet.

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