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Part 1 of a 2 part wenweipo News: Value Family, Treasure Family Time.

wenweipo 7/2/2012 part 1
ihktv complete report

重亲情 珍惜与家人相处机会
Value Family, Treasure Family Time.
Although personality determines fate and fate dictates life, but knowing to act in the nick of time and to speak out, fate can be changed, but of course, one must continue to put in effort; can’t be all talk and no action. I have known Steven for 10 years or more. When I first met him way back (tn:1998-9?), I felt that though this young man had sunshine somehow behind the brightness there was this vague shadow hanging. Later, I found out that his family was presently going through a crisis, and that his mother had been seriously sick for 20 odds years. No wonder even when he smiled at people there was this hint of melancholy.

source: ihktv
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■writer:蜜雪兒 photographer:青桐

Steven said: “At six years old I already accompanied mother going in and out of hospital. At 14 years old joined the workforce. Everyday after school would go to the ice cream parlor to sell ice cream to earn money to take care of family. I had known from young on how to take care of family. All those reckless youthful antics would never happen on me. Maybe because I’m a Chew Chow person, I felt at that time besides father that I was the only male in the family so should shoulder the responsibility of protecting the family. Because father was a bus driver working day till night he was exhausted. So despite growing up in the public housing residence that was the reason why I did not become bad. We five siblings are very united even from young and have a good relationship with our father. Our family is very warm. So long I’m in Hong Kong, we will certainly eat with our father. Actually since young, we all treasure every minute of our family time.”

Walked out of Depression, Show Concern for Society
Fate knows how to play people. Some people do not know how to cherish but have never yet experienced losses. Conversely, the more you cherish, fate will unexpectedly blindsided you with a blow. In 1999 one day when Steven was attending a function, he received an urgent phone call from home urging him to rush to the hospital. That early morning his mother left him.

(树欲静而风不息,子欲养而亲不在) Regret he could no longer do his filial duties toward his mother – that was his feeling at the time. Because when Steven’s career started to show some result, and his new home was being renovated with special features to ensure his mother’s comfort in the new house, even before moving in, the hostess of his home passed away.

“That year Mother was only 48 years old, still very young. And so she departed. At the time, truly couldn’t bear to let her go. I was truly devastated. After work would withdraw into the new house and stare blankly at the new walls because Mother chose the color. And that continued for three years. I could say I was what is now the so called (宅男) male homebody. And later because of my heart problem went to see a doctor. Only then did I know I had depression. I suddenly awakened and decided I could not continue to live like this. Plus friends at my side continued to enlighten me that Mother in the other dimension if she saw me being so dispirited she would not be happy. So I decided to release myself. And attended all kinds of gatherings and henceforth became more sanguine."

No matter how painful it is one still needs to get through it, if continues to wallow in self-pity, in the end at old age will accomplish nothing. We can only help people if they want to be helped, and self-help is the most important first step. Today is derived from yesterday; people have to adapt to circumstances. Saw Steven shooting ‘Yuan Yang Pei’ where he portrayed two roles: he’s righteous when needed, villainous when required; his acting skill smooth and seamless; and he is adept with both the pen and the sword. As for opening a company: he formulates a glorious plan, and devises strategies inside a command tent (可一展鸿图,运筹帷幄) how can you not say that the future lies in our own hands?

TN:The segment on Steven's mom is most probably a copy and paste rehash from past articles not part of this interview.

撰文:蜜雪兒 攝影:青桐
何定律也存在變數,因應時間環境而變,變幻才是永恆。去年馬浚偉(馬仔)毅然選擇提早與無解約,縱然天空海闊任翱翔,但人畢竟是感情的動物,一下子離開認識了十多年的地方,不習慣是人之常情。馬浚偉現在著重好劇本好角色,只要好劇本,香港哪個電視台找他也考慮! ■







重親情 珍惜與家人相處機會





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