Sunday, July 29, 2012

SM as Dexter Young's groom brother in Wedding

Steven as groom's brother in Dexter's 30-table wedding banquet on 7/29/2012. Pink silk tie for all groom's brothers.  Just in case you're curious as to why the pink tie.  scmp 8/15/2012 on Dexter "Actor too shy to pursue his love at first sight" Celebrity friends who attended the banquet to wish them well included actors Eric Tsang Chi-wai, Andy Lau Tak-wah and Steven Ma Chun-wai.


Can't believe Steven slung a bag across his body. It is bad enough that a man of his age would do that but to do it while attired in a western suit posing in his friend's wedding picture? So terribly incongruous. What were he thinking? Nice suit but his pants bunching up at his shoes is a distraction. Anyway, congratz to Dexter and his lovely wife.

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  1. Maybe Steven was responsible for collecting or looking after the monetary wedding gifts? When my brother got married, my mother had to carry her purse with her while collecting the "yun ching".

  2. Usually where money gifts are concerned, a trusted family member is entrusted with that responsibility. Even if Steven was the designated money gifts person, which I doubt, no need to wear the bag across his body. The bag already looks so out of place on a mature man, what's more, a man attired in a formal suit in a formal wedding picture, just a peeve of mine.