Monday, July 30, 2012

Weibo 7/30/2012 A SM family dinner

7/30/2012 20:16 Tonight's a family dining out. Took Father to first time try out teppan cooking.  The whole family's there. This is what happiness it.是夜家庭聚會 帶爸爸首嚐鐵板燒 全家到齊 這就是幸福

Guess what those things are on the hot griddle? All were puzzled as to what those 'things' were in the pix. Some said 'roaches'? Most said they look sort of scary, disgusting.  haha

Guess what they are?
馬浚偉新浪个人认证 :Prawn heads (蝦頭) [偷笑] ( 20:23)

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