Thursday, August 23, 2012

CRHK: SM clarifies he is not the 'lou ban'

Steven wants to clarify that he is not the investor/boss of his upcoming Single Parent Ten Years series but that he works for the company that is investing in that series.

SM: I want to clarify that actually I'm not the boss but that I'm very happy to get to know a very good boss (investor), I thank them for their appreciation of me: to enable me to experience being a producer; to invest in my series production. I'll try out script-writing, or maybe later will also try out directing. But that company is theirs not mine.

TN: Steven just confirms my surmise that he did not open his own studio. Like what I surmise the big boss maybe Beijing Jetsen Technology.  In any case, it is good that Steven doesn't have to spend his own money to produce his own series. 

Per recent Eileen Cha's interview the very same 'lo ban' has invested close to $200, 000 000 (budget) on Steven. 

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