Saturday, August 4, 2012

interivew - Eileen Cha - SM on his upcoming series


1) The big boss has invested close to $200, 000 000 on Steven. (see: Beijing Jetsen Technology Co.)
2) Steven's fee per episode is a 6 digit figure no way close to 7. He knows his own current market value. If it is close to 7 digit then there won't be anybody using Ma Chun Wai. Actors should know their own current market value and be reasonable with their asking price.
3) Made many close friends in Mainland, male & female but puts his career above looking for love
4) Stephen Chan invited him to the Life Talk Show charity to rally pledges for organ donation.
5) Steven has a written living will. (His organs will be donated upon his death.)
6) Steven considers Mr. Chan to be a close friend whose friendship and advice he values very much.
7) Steven will set time aside after wrapping up his new series in December to work on his new music album.
8) Steven first time being a groom brother party as he was to Dexter cos' he's very reserved.  He frequently shies away from overly crowded and festive celebratory banquets like wedding.
9) The upcoming series in September in Wuhan will be his 3rd series after leaving TVB. He will start another series (his 4th) next year around CNY.
10) He may film a tvb series under the right conditions and a good script, and if he does, the earliest won't be until April next year.
11) And after that for the next 2 months he will be preparing 3 or 4 series to film in the future.
12) Steven will be one the scriptwriters for his September series, but more of a producer trainee than a full fledged producer.
13) The September series' theme is on romantic and familial love.
14) They have already gotten the authoritative permission and support from the Wuhan governance for location scene filming rights.
15) Steven will spend 7 months or more working in mainland.
16) Will he buy a residence in Mainland. He hopes to be able to buy an apartment in Beijing even though his lodging is paid by the company.
17) He has discussed with the investing company about releasing a music album in Mandarin. 
18) Who is the female lead? Her role is a single mother. Still did not confirm who she is. Will be a mainland actress.

That Steven plans to be more than just an actor is no secret to me, he had mentioned about wanting to experience being a scriptwriter, a director and a producer since 2007 (A Journey Called Life) when he was so inspired by Kent Cheng's own experiences and since then had paid close attention to that aspects of making a tv series.

Steven has a heart that craves new knowledge and new experiences.
His essay encapsulates his learning attitude Learning emphasizes self-deficiency

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