Tuesday, August 7, 2012

speculation on Steven's first tv series

With Single Parent 10 Years, Steven's first tv series produced by him will most probably be an uplifting story emphasizing familial love over romantic, and with great doses of  positiveness and optimism, and societal ills, much like AJCL.  It may not appeal to the general public who seek more gratuitous and out there entertainment.

2005 news report
Steven: Because if I truly want to communicate my viewpoints (tn: on family and society) through books, there are actually other mediums I could use, too. Besides books, I could also do it through TV series by choosing different kinds of characters to portray. I could even write scripts. And also, my characters could convey what I want to communicate to the public. Really not necessary to strictly do it through printed words. Printed words are indeed important, but images/videos could also be used, as well as, audio.

Interviewer: As such, it could be done through different mediums.

S: Exactly. Singing could do that too. Like for instance, I could compose a song about family love, or include some words about the meaning of life. Actually, a lot of stuff are interrelated, no need to relinquish any one of them.  link

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