Sunday, August 19, 2012

Transcript: 2012 8/18 HK Food Expo B2

August 18 2012, Steven Ma participated in the Hong Kong Food Expo 2012 activities.  Steven said he had started cooking since elementary school so cooking simple dishes will not faze him. Though Steven has already broken up with his ex-girlfriend they have kept in contact and that their current relationship is even better than before. Steven expresses hope to reconcile.

SM: "Will have to depend on fate ba or if she so willing. Because honestly I'm seldom in Hong Kong, and she is also very busy and seldom in Hong Kong, too.  So will have to see how she feels about it.  Because in the past I seldom had time to accompany her, that was my fault.  I hope if she can  bear with it, we can come up with a compromise to smooth out our differences.  I think there's still a possibility."

On TVB collaboration, Steven says TVB is still his maternal home but because of his work his schedule the earliest won't be until May next year.

SM: Actually it's like this, early this year when I left TVB, actually TVB has kept in contact with me. Recently, they did ask me when I would have time to film their series . I said because TVB is still my maternal home, and also the place I grew up in, if they truly want me to go back, I'll prioritize it as my first consideration. But the earliest will have to be in May next year. 


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