Monday, September 24, 2012

Steven Ma reconciled with former girlfriend


 2012/09/24 Steven Ma finds time to attend a function.  He says that he will spend  the Mid-Autumn festival in Hong Kong. He reveals he was very naughty when young, that he wax-burned and burned roaches, but tells everybody not to do what he did.  

Voiceover : So go home for Mid-Autumn Festival meal; should bring girlfriend home to meet family bah. Apparently there was some issue between you two before. Are you two ok now?

Steven: We've reconciled. 

Reporter: So will take her home for dinner?

Steven: No necessarily because she too has to celebrate with her own family.  Will depend on timing. I'll wait until October 1st, the moon chasing day, to have dinner with family.  So will see how it goes.  But we can go somewhere to enjoy ourselves not necessarily have to have dinner together.  Will see. 

[鼓掌][鼓掌][鼓掌]TN: Yay, Steven's back together with Vivian. So that woman in Steven's earlier weibo is indeed Vivian. Good luck to them.   So much drama in their relationship. 

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  1. so happy for them! hope their romantic marriage will come soon.