Monday, September 24, 2012

Working out to offset the previous latenight meal.

Last night had a meal of late night supper, tonight engaging in a fierce battle to offset its effect, will not become a pig. Haha!   

TN: Steven's response to numerous fans' admonition over late night eating that may or may not cause indigestion and weight gain when he posted his earlier weibo about having a late night snack/supper. The fans' admonition sound like what naggy mothers would say to their 'son'.  And that made me think of Steven's plea in his essay: "Women, let me be bah!"  Here's Steven sharing some info on weibo and there fans admonishing him, though done out of concern. But haiz! Steven's a grown man, ma. Who knows that supper may be his 2nd meal of the day.  

related vid: link

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