Sunday, September 23, 2012

update Steven's function - living singing

9/23 22:58 Work done, now partaking midnight snack.
Wow! What a cool pix of Steven.

Steven singing Chung Guo Ren (Chinese People)
the moon represent my love

I prefer the tradition rendition of "The moon" than Steven's.  The late Teresa Teng had made this song so much her own (although she was not the orignal singer) that anybody else's rendition (no matter how good) just doesn't give off the same feel to me. Also I've associated this song with Teresa's soft, gentle voice so a male vocal, no matter how well sung,  just doesn't cut it for me.  And that goes for Steven's too.  In fact, male singers should avoid Teresa's songs (esp Moon, 甜蜜蜜)while female singers should avoid George Lam Chi Cheung's songs.

vid source: Jackielhy @ tudou

credit L-R; bottom:
@ Angus陳Chan 9/23 21:35 
@ torrie_恩 
@source FB:3weekly mag fb 13 anniversary of the weekly 3 stars bright autumn charity dinner. Special performance guests: Kay Tse, Steven Ma and Luo Liwei
 @Paco 9/ 23/23:59

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