Saturday, September 22, 2012

weibo 9/21 -encouraging words

9/21 21:55 "The journey of life is always capricious, now cold now warm now sunny now rainy, even if the stride has been stable and steady but an astral wind gust* can upset the rhythm. Fall? No problem, stand up and continue to move forward. When one day the wound turns to scab, it will become the best proof of unyielding perseverance.  As for those occasional minor turbulences encountered in the journey of life, think of them as little tests before embracing the light**.    Dedicated to the one I'm fond of (疼)

Weibo fans are taking this heartwarming and encouraging piece for themselves.
But most think Steven wrote it for Tavia.
I think Steven posted it for Tavia and those who needed some uplifting words.
So those of you out there, think positive.  Thank you, Steven.


罡風=in Daoism, astral wind on which immortals may ride / strong wind
大光明= light / illumination / radiance (esp. glory of Buddha etc) / fig. bright prospects / openhearted 


  1. Tamaya, what happen with Tavia? Why did Steven post it for Tavia?

  2. Guess you have not been reading the recent Asian entertainment news that have been splashed all over the net.

    check her news with Him Laws in and