Saturday, October 13, 2012

CRHK Circles: Steven on Linda Chung

In my years in the entertainment circle, there are 3 younger sisters (miu) that I’m very fond of. (sek) First, I’ll talk about Linda Chung. My collaboration with Linda should be 6 times (tn: It's 5 not 6) Our first series is Virtue of Harmony.  Towards its conclusion, I was asked to participate in a 40 episode finale special edition. My character, Si Ji San, was added into the plot. And she is Hong Bak Lam. It was Ka Yan’s first series. When I first saw I thought to myself: Wah, how can someone be this docile (shun)? Be it her look or her mannerism, her speech or her whole attitude; she’s truly very obedient (guai) and docile (shun). There was one time, and I believe Ka Yan has already talked about it in CRHK Circles, but I’ll repeat a bit of it here. There was this one time after a shoot, we went to the cafeteria to get food. Seeing that she’s a newbie and still new to the environment, as senior, I went approached for a chat.  At that time, I made a very old-fashioned comment, which to this day, she still remembers.

I said: “Remember not to change. You can learn new stuff but don’t learn the bad.  I still can remember that scene very clearly, it was in the studio. A few years later, we collaborated again in a series called "A Journey Called Life". I portrayed a marathon runner, and she’s a MK slightly bad girl. And seeing her again, she truly had not changed much. Though her acting skill had improved greatly but her inner core had not changed. And after that we collaborated in many other series; in between: her health was failing, her moods depressing. I've experienced that with her, for quite a long period too, because every time she had issues she was always shooting a series with me, be it her health or her mood.

I’m very fond of her, (sek) and worry that she’ll get bullied by other people. Because she is so easy to bully. Her look, and that she doesn’t know how to say no. For some matter, she really couldn’t accept it but didn’t how to say no. So during those times, my Chew Chow male chauvinistic trait reared its head. What to do? You couldn’t say it so I said it for you. Like, if you don’t like it, go ahead and say no. We have human rights. As individual, we have a right to honor our own opinions and our own wishes; so long they don’t go against society laws or against social propriety. For health or self-dignity, there are things we need to insist on. Recently, I ate with her and she looked much happier. And I feel happy for her too. And I hope this sister, who worries me the most, will continue to maintain her happy outlook and continue to film good series. And if so fated we will collaborate again. Haha! Add oil! Ka Yan!

Linda Cheung (9/24/2012)

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