Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cheap TVB, on-call taxi driver

A real life licensed taxi driver acted the role of a taxi driver in tvb series for over 28 odd years.  Below are just 2 screencaps of him in a 1988 tv series and 2009 in Gem of Life. But he might have been in series earlier than 1988 and continues past 2009. To see screencaps of him as the taxi driver in TVB series thru the years goto tianya sourcereposted on baidu tvb

Steven also mentions the taxi driver in 2013 Generation show @5:00. Steven said in his first tvb series, Mind Our own business, (開心華之里 1993-May-10 to 1994-Aug-05 ) that man was already acting as taxi driver in the series, and he appeared again in Steven's last tvb series, "Daddy Good Deeds" in  2012.

Gem of Life 2009 

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