Saturday, January 5, 2013

CRHK Steven's relationship with TVB Producer Leung Choi Yuen.

Monologue Aired October 16th 2012

Reminiscing my years in TVB, it has been 18 years going into 19. I was foremost a singer in the earlier years but it was not until I filmed “Duke of Mt. Deer (1998)”, an ancient drama by Producer Tim Gor (Lee Tim Sing), whereby I played the Emperor, and Jordan Chan was Wai Siu Bo that I truly forayed into the acting path. (“Finally miss you” song played) Now that I look back I realize that one particular producer that I collaborated the most is Uncle Choi, Leung Choi Yuen. I first collaborated with him back in a very old tvb telemovie, Cul De Sac ( 亲子大绑架) . At that time there were still telemovies being filmed but not now; usually the movie was around one and half hours to two hours. And their drama format is very similar to regular movies’. Usually they were aired on Saturday or Monday on the tv. They were actually pretty good. That was our first collaboration, and thereafter, wah, Uncle Choi and I collaborated many, many times. Such as: Steps, A Journey called Life, A Watchdog’s Tale, Ghost Writer, 7 Days in a Life, The Life and Times of a Sentinel, and yeah, also, Land of Wealth. (7) We all called him Choi Shuk or Uncle Choi. But I often called him “Foster Father”. Haha! Because in TVB many people feel that he sees me as a son. Indeed our tacit understanding of each other is very strong. His trust in me, and the freedom he gives me is truly enormous. Nah, it’s not that other producers won’t, in fact I’ve pretty good relationships with other producers too, such as: Siu Ching Jeh (Miu Siu Ching), or Tim Gor (Lee Tim Sing) or Mr. Tsui Yu On and Amy Wong, whom I’ve not collaborated for a long time. But of course the more we collaborated the deeper our interacted fate and the stronger our mutual understanding of each other. So I can’t deny that all these years the person who has the best relationship with me and knows me best has to be Uncle Choi. (song played)

There ‘s one thing I'm most grateful to him is that he always said these words to me: Ta-ke-la (It’ll be fine), you’re here I don’t have to worry. Because he knows that I’m.. frankly speaking.. I’m a person with high standards. When I join a series I won’t just see myself as actor but will see this (series) as my child. So when I’m part of a production I wish it to be good. So for my own part I’ll give it my best, and Uncle Choi understands my character so he gives me lots of freedom, and plenty of space, and also enormous trust - we have this give and take interaction. So whenever I shot Uncle Choi’s series, we were really like a big family. In Uncle Choi’s production, I collaborated the most with Linda Chung. In almost all our collaborations there were also Linda, and Fala, too. So these two understand more my relationship with Uncle Choi – I admit - a father-son relationship. I truly cherish it – of the people I encounter in my career life who have similar philosophy, similar ideals as mine, and also mutually tolerant and supportive of each other.

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