Friday, January 4, 2013

Legend of the Yuan Empire Founder Displayed its secret arsenal in Filmart.

Legend of the Yuan Empire Founder (LOTYEF), produced by 北京阳光盛通文化艺术公司, directed by Tsui Siu Ming, and starred by the cast of: Hu Jun, Charmaine Sheh,  Cai Wenyan, Wu Yue, Tang Guoqiang, Gao Fa, Steven Ma, Ray Lui, Ba Sen , Ha Si Gao Wa, etc (胡军、佘诗曼、蔡雯艳、吴樾、唐国强、高发、马浚伟、吕良伟、巴森、哈斯高娃)  drew much praise from its recent Filmart debut.

Yesterday (1/03), the series producer attributed one of many reasons why the series was such a hit in Filmart to its 'secret weapon arsenal', including the extended trailer, the revised posters/bannerd and brochures, and the CCTV broadcast of the documentary film of "LOTYEF 200 Days".

source: sina.ent 2013/1/04 16:58

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