Saturday, January 5, 2013


Reported in numerous news reports 1/05/2013, Steven is said to return to tvb to shoot a Leung Choi Yuen series in May with Bobby Au-yueng.  No other info.  Info = see news Steven Ma to return to nest


  1. Oh long as it's not that stupid Mountain series that was previously reported, then I'm ok.

    If this is true, then great....glad to see Steven collaborate with Bobby again (I think their last collaboration was in FOJ right?). Depending on who the female leads end up being, I might actually look forward to this one!

  2. Hehee! I've not watched FOJ so not sure if Steven had any scenes with Bobby at all.

  3. Yeah, so long it is not that stupid mt. series. lol! Well, Bobby is rumored earlier to be in Uncle Choi's new series but now that I think about it maybe with Steven on board, Bobby maybe not be in the series after all. Anyway, from Steven's response he is hesitant to confirm anything as the negotiation is still ongoing.

  4. Yea, I saw the 'news' too -- everything still looks to be up in the air at this point, so I guess we'll just have to wait until more information comes out ('credible info' that is).

    To be honest, when I first saw Bobby's name on the list as filming a series in May, I wasn't really sure if that was true or not because isn't that a bit too soon, since his current series with Esther is still filming right now? Bobby hasn't been a TVB artist (management-wise) for awhile already and he pretty much only films 1 series a year for them, so I would imagine that he'd want to wait a little bit before filming his next series. But then again, let's see what happens...