Monday, February 25, 2013

Miss Chinese International Winners want to work with SM

Gloria Tang  (鄧佩儀) would most like to work with Steven Ma
February 24, 2013: 20 year-old Gloria Tang of Vancouver beat out 15 other beauty queens to win the 2013 Miss Chinese International crown at last night beauty pageant held at TVB City.[..]

Gloria said her interest in performing has heightened after this pageant and that she is a TVB fan.  When asked which artist she most likes to work with, she said: "I hope I can work with Steven Ma. I feel that he is like a big brother, and is willing to help other people. I think I'll learn a lot from him."  wenweipo 2/25/2013

Kelly Cheung (张曦雯) Hopes to work with Steven Ma. 
2012 Miss Chinese International, Kelly reveals that she has signed a management contract with TVB last week, so she is now officially a TVB managed artist.

She says: "I really want to shoot series. But people say I'm too tall. (Who do you want to work with?) I like Linda Chung. As for actors, it's Steven Ma.  Rumor has it that he's returning to TVB. I've like him since young." wenweipo 2/16/2013

Steven is not dubbed TVB International Beauty Queens Nanny for nothing. Guess there is less pressure co-starring with Steven than other siu sangs while getting experiences on the way to fadan status.

First, SM fans are less vocal than other siu sangs' fans against their idols' female partners, also, newbies don't have to worry about unbased romantic rumors with him.

Second, SM is very patient and gentlemanly to newbie female co-stars. After all, he has had years of experiences partnering his newbie-fadan co-stars.

Third, SM is dubbed by fans and baidu tvb netizens as TVB unpaid coach/garderner/nanny to his budding newbie fadans. So, female newbies TVB wants to promote usually get paired with Steven first on their way up the ladder to top fadan status while Steven's status remains in situ. Once fadans, they will go on to co-star with other siu sangs while Steven went on to groom other newbie fadans .

Fourth, Steven series are often used to promote his fellow female co-stars rather than him.  Steven is an actor, not an acting coach so to be fair to him, he should be paired with co-stars of his caliber and not be used by TVB to promote newbie to fadan. The last time he was paired with a big fadan was way back in 2003 with Charmaine Sheh and Maggie Cheung Ho Yee.

So, yeah, good choice picking Steven.  Cynicsm aside, Kelly may indeed be a SM fan, if so, she has good taste. But not sure about Gloria - maybe she heard good things about Steven from Linda Chung, since they are both from Vancouver.


  1. is they choose steven ma since fala chen and kenneth ma is one of the judges? and we know how close fala is to steven and kenneth though not so close, I think respect steven ma as an actor

  2. True that they picked Steven maybe because they respect him as an actor and as a person.