Sunday, March 17, 2013

Yuan Yang Pei - amnesia vs twins

Brownie欢欢, one of YYP's scriptwriters, dropped in Zhang Meng Baidu bar.  A fan asked how come Lai Fu and TTX are not the same person as written in the book. Brownie replied that was because some related department forbid them to use 'amnesia' to push the storyline so they had to make the change to twins and change the storyline accordingly.  And that actually they already had the 'amnesia' script written out -- (TN: probably the very same script that got Steven to accept the roles. In that case he would truly be the male lead as per script compare to now when his lead is in contention with Huang Shao Qi's. Also with the change in the title, and the happy ending for Qi Jun, the male lead may even lean toward HSQ. But unquestionably, Steven's characters are more interesting than HSQ's. Too bad about the 'amnesia' being dropped. )

But the last episode is just so lame but what to do, the series had to get pass China film censorship so evil has to repent. That's the policy with the mainland series censhorship -- that the good must win over the evil, and that the 'evil' person must have his/her comeuppance, and that villain cannot be male/female absolute lead in the series.

Anyway, I truly enjoyed watching YYP, much better than I expected -- seeing it being a pre-modern mainland series and all, but it was really riveting.  Steven was brilliant in his performances except I can't quite see Ting Xuan begging for any woman's love, even if she is Yong En -- just don't see that in his proud character. Maybe because he is only 23 years old, and has lost his whole family?

Anyway I laughed at hearing Lai Fu say he is "23 years old", and so must be Ting Xuan then. TX is so young but already a crafty banker and business man.  Impressive!

I like Yong En until she becomes so righteous towards the end, and becomes too 2 dimensional unlike Yi Lan who is more human. In fact, in the latter half I like Yi Lan more than Yong En.

Also, don't understand why Yong En did not hate Ting Liang for killing Lai Fu. She doesn't even show any anger when she sees Ting Liang the very next day after Ting Xuan told her how Lai Fu died.  Very strange!

So, what is your opinon on YYP?
I really enjoyed it except for the last episode.  But I don't know about TTX going off his rockers -- I mean this is TX we are talking about - smart and confident- breaking apart over Yong En.  Doesn't he have to take care of his business empire instead of obsessing over Yong En?

欢欢2006回复 nancy南孟静梅 :这个是因为一些相关部门对剧情的要求,当时是说不允许用“失忆”推动剧情,我们已经尽最大的努力来让故事上的变动不要过大了,但其实最早的“失忆”版本的剧本当时已经有了,后来临时改写的

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  1. I find his changes a bit abrupt too. "Cool" da shao ye becomes so lovelorn. Script not so convincing but he acted well. He looks handsome as TTX but nothing beats Calvin of 7 days in life. That was my fave.

  2. YYP - A good series! I just has finished watching the last episode. Yeah, I do not really like it.
    Steven's performances were really brilliant!. HSQ's acting... haizx... can not compare!
    If Lai Fu and Ting Xuan are one person and if the name of this series was not changed, Steven's character must be a male lead for sure.
    And I hope that Ting Xuan's child was not die, that Yi Lan could fall in love with Ting Xuan... That would be a happy ending for them too. Right?

  3. People in YYP baidu bar are complaining about the ending. And that in the end TX is not the villain his brother, Ting Liang is; TX is a just tragic character abandoned by those people he loves.

  4. I like YYP a lot, even more than some of his more recent work. I also enjoyed watching him interact with unfamiliar faces rather than the same old same tvb faces. So I support Steven to accept more good mainland series like YPP that can let him show his acting chop to the fullest.

  5. Yes, to date Calvin is the most handsome, probably because 7 Days is a modern day drama -his hairstyle and clothings and mannerism made him more handsome looking. In some scenes, TX looks positively gaunt, looking older; in other he looks young. I think the make-up was a bit too thick and cakey, especially obvious when he frowned.

  6. This is breaking news oh boy, I did not know there were 2 scripts. It would be more interesting if it had been an amnesia script but on the other hand a bit too common a storyline I've seen too many of such. So to me a twin script is a better choice and more challenging for Steven to have played 2 roles. The story is too hastily ended on the part for TTX, it did not convince me that suddenly he turned over a new leaf just because of 1 gunshot... crazy...
    Actually I was hoping that TX and YL reconciled and be together eventually but that would mean more episodes are needed to build up the their forget about it then :]
    Agreed with Mayar on the make-up part. Personally I prefer make-up professional from Taiwan or Korea perhaps. They can really do wonders :D
    In term of character and acting, TTX is now top on my list. In term of look, Hill-siu and Poon Ka Yeung.
    Although I prefer Steven to stay with TVB for more cantonese series but yes if there is good script from mainland, must go for it.

    1. I'd love to see how Steven would handle how amnesia alters his cultured, cynical and sophisticated Ting Xuan into a different person. The pull of nurture vs nature on his person, his fear of the unknown vs the sense of freedom in a new beginning. For me that will be just more interesting, not to mention more believable, than having Yong En actually believing country bumpkin Lai Fu suddenly becoming a man of high society.