Monday, March 18, 2013

YYP has good ratings and good reviews .

YYP garnered good ratings and also good reviews from netizens and media alike. Steven's roles are very well received, and Lai Fu arguably the most favorite character in the series.

Trista琼2013要找对象 It's a hit on Hunan tv channel. My old neighbor persisted staying up late into the night just to watch you.

王鹏WP王鹏鹏 - 3/16/2013 20:41 - Hunan tv director: Truly, it's a hit in Hunan. I rarely watched tv at home and had wanted to do so this one time, but my mom hogged the tv and wouldn't let me.  Also, my dad excitedly told me that Xiao Xuan Zi's (Domd98) in it ! I was nonplussed before I got it. (tn: on who xxz was) I was going to write some paper but was dragged into watching the series. Truly not bad! First young master has a great presence! Bravo!

Imo, if 7 Days and Safeguards can be broadcasted in popular mainland tv channels, Steven's popularity would increase greatly.  People still remember and love his Xiao Xuan Zi, Cao Zi and Chow Sai Hin, to this day. Most consider the first two series and his characters classic.

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  1. Yay! Love to see that people like this series. ^^~.
    Steven must be very happy. I looking forward to see him in more other fantastic, challenge character.