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UPDATED: Yuan Yang Pei - Scriptwriter brownie

baidu 欢欢2006  Reading everybody's reponse, as one of the scriptwriters, I almost cried. I believe that 4th Brother also because of these comments was most moved! My most pure-minded and most filled with love character -- Tang Ting Xuan! Thank you everybody for your love! 4th Brother did well!

王欢Brownie weibo Reading the online discussions and analysis on Tang Ting Xuan -this character, I knew we've won! If say, our creation had to get past certain constraints, then we must undoubtedly do our very best to fight for the result! True! 'Heart pain'*  - this phrase constantly being evoked is a reflection of a tragic character's fate, and through this reflection we can see how many people of emotions and sentiments there are in this world. Your heart, was it pained?

*heart pain: distressed for TTX  

Scriptwriter, Brownie, said on weibo: there was an even more tears-inducive ending all understand. (tn: why it wasn't picked.)

Fan asked to read the alternate ending but Brownie said she wouldn't dare reveal such a sensitive topic.  (tn: hmm! interesting - wonder what secrets?)

王欢Brownie 00:22Aiya, tian ya! This kind of sensitive topic, (I) won't dare to reveal ya! I'm but a lowly scriptwriter, who still need to rely on 'make believe' stories to earn a living. Ai! Rice bowl ya! Better not say! 4th Brother himself didn't say anything so I better not either! Just take the hint ba, ok, friend?

Brownie: I feel terrible suppressing stuff I can't speak of ! Anyway, this ending is the best of the lot, (tn: given the alternate) fans would probably hunt us down and kill us.  6 words: 「No heaven's justice」 + 「not enough time」「没天理」+「来不及」

Brownie's reply to a fan when the latter thanked her for writing such a human character.   Actually 4th Brother's personal opinions and suggestions plus his nuanced acting brought life to Ting Xuan. But he truly wished that Lai Fu did not have to die! Haha! Also want to thank 4th Brother for sticking to his gun and for his support during the script writing adjustment phase. He is truly a superior actor, and he truly loves his work and his character roles. 

Wah! Such high praises from Director Wong Ka Fai to Steven: 
Thank you for your excellent performance. Without you there won't be any Lai Fu and Ting Xuan nuanced characters. Your performance is brilliant. Our success is because of you.  感謝你的卓越演出,沒有你就沒有來福庭軒的精緻人物,表現出極之全神,我們的成功只因為有你 ! 

王欢BrownieAiya maya! Director speaks! Director was the most tired!

Director WKFAnd also to our great scriptwriter, Huan Huan! Truly thankful to you!

-- more-- speculation

Scriptwriter Brownie said she had to revise the original script within given laid out constraints but she especially favored the character Ting Xuan. 

My speculation: Either the ending was changed so as to get past China censorship, or that it was revised to promote Huang Shao Qi as male lead. Anyway, Brownie hinted that some power-that-be insisted on an alternate ending  from the original in the book, (an ending that would have viewers up on arms against the scriptwriting team) but Steven fought for a better ending for his character, in the end compromising on the less evil, the broadcasted one. Brownie said given the situation then, it's the best she and Steven could do.  

That's why Brownie is so gratified to read the overall good reviews on Steven's characters despite the botched ending.  Poor scriptwriters! Their creations so constrained by the powers-that-be! 

I did not read the book so don't know its ending, but apparently, it has an open ending. Yong En does not pick any of them. Ting Xuan does not suddenly become 'good'.    

The book original title is "Yuan Yang Pei" (Mandarin Ducks = a pair of lovers) to "When love becomes a thing of the past" to now this: "Predestined for life?".  The broadcasted title change is obvious. The first 2 titles focused on Yong En vs Lai Fu vs Tang Ting Xuan, unlike the last title that focuses on the pre-arranged bethrotal between Shao Qi and Yong En. 

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