Friday, April 5, 2013

UPDATED: 4/8 Notice: Baidu Steven Ma needs help to get a star customised forum

Within two days,  the 180 new members criteria was easily accomplished with the help of SM fans (opening multiple new accounts) and other artists' fans. (mutual advantage -- they became members of SM baidu, and SM fans became fans of their artists' baidu)   And the 1000 posts are easy to comply too with lots of spamming.  To me these two requirements to open a celebrity baidu format is just so redundant -- only encourages spamming to inflate meaningless fans 

Steven Ma Baidu forum has applied to baidu bar committee for a customized forum.  To be approve sm baidu must fulfill certain requirements within the period of April 5 - April 14.

1) Its membership must increase by 3% (about 180 new members) total be over 2000 members
2) The average daily # of posts be ≥ 1000 daily (each post/spam must be at least 15 Chinese characters)

Please help!
If already a baidu member but not a steven baidu member, please join in SM baidu membership just to inflate its membership count.

If not a baidu member, please
1)  register a general baidu membership, and then
2)  register as a steven ma baidu member.
  ---- Ai! Just found out that per baidu rules, to be approved as a steven ma baidu member, you must post a certain amount of posts before being accepted.


register with email address


  1. I had registered at Baibu. SM Baidu have all my support!
    I am trying to figure where I can post and how I can post in there. Not Understanding Chinese make it quite difficult for me. ^^

    1. I only knew about this just now. And it is not that easily to become a member like before, and yeah, not knowing Chinese makes it harder.

      To be a sm baidu member you must click on the 我喜欢 (with the blue heart) box on the right side of the forum. But the thing is, one must enter a few posts (don't know how many posts) before can be accepted as a sm baidu member. And to post your words on sm baidu instead of captcha you must pick the Chinese character to match the one shown.

      Sound difficult but just do it and see if you can.
      I'm still need to post some more posts before I'm accepted as a sm baidu member.
      But I have an old membership as Samaye. The membership count still need 144 but the spams of 1000 posts for today and yesterday have already been achieved. Imagine that.

  2. haha! My 大玛雅儿 membership has been accepted -- guess maybe 10 posts or more to a sm baidu member. Looks like last night new members only just now displayed today.