Monday, April 15, 2013

UPDATED: Steven photoshopped as a Chinese soldier

April 15 -- Updated with YET ANOTHER photo of Steven as soldier besides the earlier one. Guess which one?

Someone umped up old 2011 sm baidu thread of Steven ps as a soldier. lol
Steven's mainland fans had long waited him to portray one and now their wish may come true.
Fans complaint some of the bodies picked are too pudgy.
That Steven's looks being picked are too young looking, blank of life experiences. - Very true! 

EDITED 4/15 In this mix, there are 2 real actual photos (vs ps) of Steven.  Which two of them?  
trivial question: Guess how old was Steven when his bona fide soldier photos were taken?

read Steven's own post on when the photos were taken


  1. i guess the last pic was taken real, lol ^_^

  2. 100% is the last one, right?

  3. Haha! Yes, the last one. Can you guess how old was he then when that picture was taken?

  4. The last one and the second pic at 2nd row are real. ^^
    If I am not so wrong I remember once he said these pics ware taken in 1999, on his birthday (Oct 26th). So then, He was 28 years old then. ^^ am I right?

    1. Yes, you are right! You've a good memory. I'd to look up the info myself -- couldn't remember. But he looked like a late teenager not a man in his late 20s.